Galilea Montijo confronts Natalia Téllez and tells her why she no longer wanted to be her friend

Divine Net It is already giving something to talk about, because Natalia Téllez, 36 years old, told Galilea Montijo, 48, the reason why she left her, because as you already know, they touch on various topics in the program and one of them was the reason why the first one no longer spoke to the new member at all.

In accordance with Natalia Tellez the reason why she left Galilea Montijo is that she is not mature enough to tell the people she loves that it bothers them, so she prefers to stay away from them, because she does not like to hurt them, or because she does not know how tell him the things why the new member found out because there is no friendship anymore.

My toxic part where I am in therapy are the limits, I have no limits with people and I do not know how to set limits, so I have already reached the point of not rejecting, but moving away from people I love very much because I did not have the courage to speak as an adult,” said Natalia Téllez.

When making this statement, Galilea Montijo told everyone that that was why he left her, so his partner answered with a resounding “yes, Galilea”, so everyone remained silent, but Téllez wanted to leave in silence. Of course, it was nothing personal against her, although the networks immediately gave their opinion.

“What Natalia said … about setting limits. I spoke about it in the most loving, most respectful way, with a long-time friend who was very offensive with her words, I wanted to set limits and the relationship was over. Nothing was the same between us and finally the friendship is over”, “I remember when I started the program they commented that it would not be the same. Suddenly, the four net surprised us and we loved them. It is a matter of giving time to time, to meet Galilea”, write networks.

It is worth mentioning that Gali’s entry to Netas Divinas has given a lot to talk about, because many like her presence, but others not so much.

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