Galilea Montijo could not renew contract with Televisa and migrate to Univisón

Galilea Montijo is one of the most recognized faces of Televisa, which in more than 20 years has provided its services for various television programs and reality shows.

The beautiful host from Jalisco is also one of the main stars of the Hoy Program, the most watched magazine morning show on Mexican television and which largely owes its success to the actress.

After being absent from the morning screens, it is rumored on social networks that Galilea may not return to Televisa and that he will seek an opportunity in the United States to sign with the sister network. Univision.

The driver seeks opportunities in the United States

The host looks for opportunities in the United States Galilea Montijo in the ‘Programa Hoy’

For several months, Galilea has been involved in various projects in TelevisaHowever, this luck could change as many say they are looking for opportunities to sneak into the American market.

His absence from program today It is due to a long and prolonged vacation, which has been shown on social networks with images from Turkey with his son Mateo.

However, now it transpires that after more than two decades as the exclusive host of Televisa, the talented “TV Girl” they could not sign a contract again and thus seek an opportunity at Univisión.

And it is that for many it is well known that the driver would seek a change of scenery to broadcast on the program Wake up AmericaHowever, she has repeatedly denied it.

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Galilea Montijo in the ‘Program Today’

Galilea Montijo in the ‘Program Today’

Galilee is next to Andrea Legarreta, Paul Stanley, Tania Rincón, Andrea Escalona, ​​Arath de la Torre and Raúl Araizathe main drivers of the Hoy Program.

The beautiful 49-year-old driver from Guadalajara, Jalisco also has a presence in various entertainment programs, such as Divine Nets and Little Giants.

At the moment it is known that Galilea Montijo She is enjoying her vacations on the other side of the world and, according to her own words, she will return to drive the “Today Program”.

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