Galilea Montijo dresses in mourning after the death of his father (PHOTOS)

  • Galilea Montijo is in mourning
  • The Mexican driver is devastated by the death of her father
  • Was she estranged and quarreling with her father?

Galilea Montijo is in mourning after the death of his father, which was announced at dawn this Thursday by different media, who reported that apparently, the father of the host of ‘Hoy’ would have died of complications from COVID -19.

El Heraldo de México was one of the portals that reported on the devastating loss for the Mexican and her family, since Galilea Montijo’s father was apparently infected with coronavirus, although there is nothing confirmed, unofficial sources assure that it was.

Galilea Montijo mourning the death of her father

Galilea Montijo in mourning

Through the social networks of the National Action Party, of which Galilea Montijo’s father was a militant, you can read the obituary that the organization sent to announce the death of Gustavo Montijo Talamantes, who apparently would have been away for years from the famous host .

“The State Steering Committee of the National Action Party in Nayarit joins in the grief that family and friends are gripped by the irreparable loss of Mr. Gustavo Montijo Talamantes father of our friend and party colleague Dina Montijo Jimenez. Rest in peace ”, you can read.

Galilea Montijo’s half-sister received condolences

PAN statement, death of father Galilea Montijo

Dina and Fátima Montijo, are half sisters from Galilea and apparently they are not as close to her as you would think because according to it is spread, the Mexican driver fought with her father for years when she found out that she had another family and decided to cut off her relationship with him now. passed away.

Apparently two years ago, Galilea Montijo’s father held a great celebration and family reunion to which it is not known if the host of ‘Hoy’ came to smooth things over; As mentioned in TvNotas, the Mexican does have contact with her mother, despite the fact that the woman decided to forgive her infidelity and return with him.

The causes of the death of Galilea Montijo’s father

Death papa Galilea Montijo

Meanwhile, the entertainment gossip page on Instagram ‘Chamonic’ also reported the news adding more information on the death of Galilea Montijo’s father: “Today, unfortunately, Don Gustavo Montijo Talamantes, father of Galilea Montijo, passed away. Rip ! He was fighting COVID for more than 20 days !! And today they called me to tell me that he passed away. The calls you never want to have! ”, Reads the description of the image of the man.

In addition, more information was given according to a ‘close relative’: “He and his son Omar were infected with Covid on a trip they made to Nayarit and he was in the hospital for more than 20 days, unfortunately they did not cover their lungs, Galilea did not he went to see his father and let us remember that they had no relationship for many years ”. l

The heavy payment they had to make in the hospital for Galilea Montijo’s father

Death Dad Driver Today

In addition to ensuring that they had no close relationship, on the Instagram page of ‘Chamonic’, it can be read that the Mexican paid the hospital bill: “What should be noted is that she (Galilea Montijo) paid more than 1 million pesos from the hospital and also paid for funeral services. “

Apparently, Galilea Montijo’s father was already veiled: “He was veiled in the afternoon, they only allowed 4 hours of wake-up and he will be cremated tomorrow, his whole family was in Guadalajara accompanying Don Gustavo, he had more children from his other relationship . God give strength to the whole family especially Aunt Rebeca … my hummingbird will always be by your side.
He will be veiled in a few hours at the funeral home in Guadalajara Jalisco where he lived for a few years with Rebeca Espinoza (mother from Galilea) ”, you can read.

Condolences arrive for the death of Galilea Montijo’s father

Galilea Montijo mourning

Quickly, the messages of support for Galilea Montijo and his family were present: “So the mother from Galilea returned to the Lord? I don’t understand, isn’t it that they were separated? ”,“ Hug Gali, it’s terrible to receive that call ”,“ Rest in peace. And my condolences to you ”,“ We ​​are very sorry for the great loss of blessings and speedy recovery ”,“ A hug for you and your family, a lot of light and strength ”.

“You will feel as if you lost another family member, but as she said, the role and place of father never had it”, “how he resembles his father”, “May he be sad in peace, rest”, “Poor Galilea although she was separated from her father ”, you can read the comments of fans of the Mexican.

Has not commented on the matter

Galilea Montijo in mourning

So far, the host of ‘Hoy’ has not commented on the death of her father and although the rumors that she was separated from the man are possibly true, it undoubtedly represents a great loss and more in the circumstances in which it happened due to COVID-19.

The one who did leave a few words was her half-sister Dina who did not hesitate to express her feelings about the death of her father: “I know that my father walks directly with God, his time has come to leave and thus I accept Our Lord’s decision.” , was the text that the PAN militant wrote on her social networks

Galilea Montijo’s broken heart

Galilea Montijo mourning

Guilt and devastation flood Galilea Montijo? The Mexican has not posted anything on social networks but in an Instagram story on August 5 she left speculation, because she did not hesitate to put a broken heart and an image of a storm, which would have to do with the death of her father.

Galilea Montijo is currently the owner of the Televisa program ‘Hoy’ and it has always been said that she is the darling of the producers and of Televisa, being the highest paid celebrity within the company; In addition, in her personal life, rumors of her husband’s infidelity constantly surround her.

Juan Ramón Valenzuela, host of Telehit, passed away

Juan Ramón Valenzuela Telehit conductor

A few weeks ago, before the death of Galilea Montijo’s father was known, the death of Telehit driver Juan Ramón Valenzuela, a Mexican who became famous for participating in the Televisa music channel with the program ‘Guaguarones’ and it was his wife who with a heartbreaking message reported the fateful news.

Media such as ‘People in Spanish’, ‘Milenio’ and the portal ‘Telehit’, published the news together with the very emotional farewell of his wife and although until now details of the cause of death of Juan Ramón Valenzuela are unknown , it is known that he left two children. Filed Under: Death papa Galilea Montijo mourning

The heartbreaking message from the wife of the Telehit driver after his death

The wife of the Telehit driver broke the news death

The Telehit host was known as ‘Chipotes’ and was part of the comedy bar of the television channel with the program ‘Guaguarones’, doing a double with Alfredo Fernández who, devastated, also said goodbye to his friend, however, he was also a musician forming part of the Mama Pulpa band.

Cecilia Salazar Estrada, Juan Ramón Valenzuela’s wife, was in charge of spreading the sad news of the death of the Telehit host who also made important contributions to alternative Mexican music and unfortunately left two children. Filed Under: Death papa Galilea Montijo mourning

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine,” says his wife to the Telehit host

Juan Ramón Valenzuela death

Juan Ramón Valenzuela’s wife published the following heartbreaking words on Facebook: “With the greatest pain my heart has felt, we bid you farewell, my love,” began the heartbreaking publication where she used five photographs of the most beautiful moments with her great love.

Although it was not reported if she was in poor health or death was sudden, Cecilia Salazar Estrada continued with her emotional and sad words for her husband: “You are and will always be the love of my life. Have a good trip my love, rest in peace. Do not worry about anything, we will be very well, I will take care of them as you did, I love you, “he said. Filed Under: Death papa Galilea Montijo mourning Some images of this note come from the following video

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