Galilea Montijo explodes against Raúl Araiza in full program

The one who takes holds, but apparently that does not apply to the driver of “Today”, Galilea Montijo, who at the end of the tournament of internal games between the red and yellow teams of the morning of Televisa could not bear an attitude of his partner Raul Araiza, so it exploded against him.

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Due to the above, the team led by Galilea Montijo had to receive a great punishment, which consisted of feeling strong touches from a machine that gives off electricity.

Before losing the challenge, Galilea exploded against her great friend Raúl Araiza as she despaired because according to her she did not read the questions quickly, which caused her to lose time and not get the point.

“My brother is very wey”Galilea Montijo shouted to Raúl Araiza.

And it is that as previously mentioned, “El Negro” was in charge of reading the general knowledge questions to the contestants who, by correct answer, had the right to advance one box until reaching number 5 and whoever achieved it had a point for their team .

After having exploded against his great friend for not hurrying to read the questions, Gali and his team lost so they had to receive a shock discharge, but the tapatia refused to comply with the punishment.

While Arath of the Tower, Lambda García and Andrea Escalona placeholder image They had no problem with complying and receiving the touches, Galilea screamed, jumped and asked the production please that Raúl Araiza receive the electric shocks that corresponded to her.

AND Although Raúl did not receive the touches that corresponded to the tapatia, Gali was left without feeling those electric shocks and is that the fear of the driver only to have the touch machine nearby was more than evident.

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