Galilea Montijo faces suspension from Televisa’s Hoy program following witchcraft ritual allegations

Galilea Montijo faces scrutiny over alleged Santeria practices, leading to an unexpected absence from Televisa's morning broadcast, Hoy

A recent storm of controversy surrounds the prominent TV host, Galilea Montijo, following allegations that she engaged in Santeria rituals. This revelation, made public by the program “Chisme No Like,” has raised questions about her continued presence on Televisa’s morning show, Hoy.

Montijo recently took a short vacation, presumably to rest from her demanding role as the host of “La Casa de Los Famosos.” However, her unexpected absence from the latest edition of the Hoy Program raised eyebrows, especially following the ritual allegations. American Post News previously reported her involvement in Santeria, and now the same show that unveiled this information has delved into the reasons behind her suspension.

The Fallout from the Ritual Revelations

Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, journalists from “Chisme No Like,” highlighted the potential repercussions of Montijo’s rumored witchcraft practices. “The executives are not only worried that they themselves have been bewitched with the spells that keep her from success to success,” they reported.

They further revealed, “Televisa punished Galilea Montijo asking her not to show up to work and would be summoned this Wednesday to a meeting with the people who run the company because many of the people who advertise in its program are upset because a person has this kind of practices.”

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Ceriani indicated that the backlash might also be fueled by the negative press Televisa has garnered due to Montijo’s actions. The recent spotlight on her alleged personal issues, ranging from love affairs to problems with alcohol, has only compounded the media giant’s concerns.

Galilea Montijo has been on Hoy since 2008
Galilea Montijo has been on Hoy since 2008

Montijo’s Legacy on Hoy

Galilea Montijo has been a staple of the Hoy Program since 2008. Despite the ongoing controversy, her dismissal would be a significant blow to Televisa. She initially joined the show as a temporary replacement for Andrea Legarreta. Upon Legarreta’s return, she was so impressed with Montijo’s performance that she recommended the producers retain her. This endorsement aligned with Televisa’s search for a new member, solidifying Montijo’s position.

It remains to be seen how these recent revelations will impact Montijo’s longstanding association with the program and Televisa as a whole.