Galilea Montijo for defending Yalitza Aparicio attacks youtuber Super Holly

Galilela Montijo 48-year-old got too upset with youtuber Super Holly this after she made a constructive criticism of the English of Yalitza Aparicio 28, because as many already know, he is trying to learn English to open up in the world of foreign cinema.

According to Super Holly, there were only five lines that Yalitza Aparicio spoke in English for a short film, so there was nothing special about it, after the statements of youtuber Galilea Montijo, she did not hold back and told the blonde that she already wanted to have all the money that the Oaxacan earns, in addition to other celebrities.

“Super Holly the day you have Yalitza de Sofía Vergara’s wool in your account and all those who criticize then we talk baby while you know that I don’t care”, answered Galilea Montijo in the Hoy program to the blonde.

For her part, Yalitza Aparicio, far from creating controversy like a true lady, said she was happy because Super Holly, who is very popular in the world of YouTube, took the time to see part of her work and analyze how her English is doing at the moment.

On the contrary, I saw her video and it was incredible to me, the truth is that I admire her a lot and that is why I said there that I still take classes with her because whoever does not follow her is not incredible that someone like that shares what they know, said Yalitza I appear very calm.

“Holly makes videos analyzing the English of others and gives her opinion with respect without wanting to offend or criticize in a bad way. She does it with respect”, “Superholly is envious of Yalitza, it shows in tongues”, “I love Gali from the heart , but I think this opinion is one of the least prudent that I have seen, the truth,” write the networks.

It is worth mentioning that Super Holly has more than four million followers on YouTube and she loves to watch videos of celebrities who make an effort to speak other days, so her videos have always been very successful.

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