Galilea Montijo responded to Lilí Brillanti’s accusations: “I did confront her”

After what Lili Brillanti uncover that supposedly Galilea Montijo tried to hit her when they work together, the Hoy presenter defended herself and talked about how their relationship was 20 years ago.

In an interview for the show He told him, with Miguel Díaz, Lilí Brillanti assured that while she worked in TV life, a program that he hosted in the company of Hector Sandarti and Galilea Montijo, would have faced difficult situations due to the treatment that the Guadalajara had with her.

Despite the fact that on different occasions the presenter has spoken of the bad relationship she had with her partner, this time her statements transcended, as she said that Galilea threatened to hit her on one occasion while rehearsing for a sketch.

This January 18, the driver of Today he defended himself against Lilí in a meeting with the press; denied having threatened Brillanti and recounted his version of events.

The presenters had talked about their friction, but for the first time they revealed that they almost had a fight (Photos: Instagram @galileamontijo / @lilibrillanticoconductora)

“What she felt was this part of complex, that if my clothes, that if I ordered him to take off his clothes, that if I ordered him not to put on makeup; there was a lot of gossip around, as there is always in all productions or new productions. She, as all reporters did, she filtered all those notes there were a lot of notes against me”, He said captured by Eden Dorantes.

According to Galilea, he never considered the former presenter of come the joy as her friend due to how badly they got along, she even remembered how she came to confront her due to the alleged leaks she made. And it is that Guadalajara confessed that she will always be willing to defend herself, regardless of who is the person who is attacking her.

“After so much, there came a time when yes i confronted her, and you know that one comes from the neighborhood; I’m from the neighborhood and in the neighborhood you learn to defend yourself, and I’m always going to defend myself, with fame, without fame, with money, without money (…) Until one day I told him: ‘Haber, teacher, or we fix it, or we fix itMontijo recounted.

Lilí Brillanti on Galilea Montijo
Brillanti said that Montijo told her that he would not hit her out of respect for her parents (Photo: Instagram/@lilibrillanticoconductora)

His partner’s response would have been incite her to hit her, something that caused Galilea a lot of anger, but she decided not to do it so as not to fall into his “game”.

“He would come up to me and put his face on me. He put his face on me and said: ‘Hit me, come on, hit me’. And I remember that I even dug my nails in (…) and said: ‘Please, my God, I have to put up with it, I have to put up with it’. Until I said, ‘No, you know what? I’m not going to fall for your game’”

Galilea mentioned that she does not remember what led them to confront each other, but, over time, their differences were resolved and coexistence improved because their confrontations were due to “stupidities”, but they did not establish a friendship.

The driver admitted having a fight with Lilí, but assured that her partner was the one who incited her to hit her (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)

Galilea’s statements come after Lilí, in the interview that was published two weeks ago, recalled the alleged ill-treatment that her partner had with her.

“Once I remember, we would arrive very early to the rehearsals of a sketch that we had for two girls care and he told me something like that he didn’t hit me because he knew my parents and respected them, in other words, and that she was a lady and I was so scared because I was quite immature about how you have to move and defend in the middle”, he recalled.


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