With tears in her eyes, Galilea Montijo announces her separation from Fernando Reina

Get an exclusive look into Galilea Montijo's announcement of her separation from Fernando Reina, including her emotional on-air statement and journey through the difficult process.

In less than a month, the morning show hosts Hoy announced their divorces. First, Andrea Legarreta did it, then Tania Rincón followed, and this Friday, March 10, Galilea Montijo did it.

Through a press release on her social networks, Galilea Montijo announced her separation from her son Mateo’s father. The statement was released just minutes before starting this Friday’s broadcast of Hoy, where she is the host. On air, the tapatia decided to open her heart and, with tears in her eyes, revealed that she was going through a difficult and painful process and that it would also be the only time she would talk about the subject.

Galilea announces her separation

Galilea Montijo released a statement announcing her separation from Fernando Reina, her husband, and father of her son Mateo, before going on air on Friday, March 10.

Photo: IG @galileamontijo
Photo: IG @galileamontijo

The host of Hoy, after the section “La nota Que Anota,” sat in the middle of the table and her friend and partner Andrea Legarreta asked Gali if she wanted to talk about their recent separation. The tapatia assured the audience that despite the separation, her now ex-husband would remain her great friend.

“We are a dysfunctional but very functional family, and of course the love of our children and I follow our children because Alexis, Claudio will be my children for life, Paola his mother today has become one of my best friends, Fer will be my friend for life… ” said Galilea.

During the 11 years she lived next to Fernando Reina, Galilea learned that the politician is a present father even though sometimes he can’t physically be with his children. Still, above all, she realized what a great person he was with his first ex-wife.

“…because if I saw something in him, that he is a great father, a great, great ex-husband, and he always gave me that example of a present father even if he was not with his children every day, and he will be with our Mateo,” said Galilea Montijo.

In tears but very calm, Galilea Montijo made it clear that the separation between her and Fernando Reina occurs in a “civilized” and mutually agreed manner.

Due to the above, she made it clear that she and Fernando Reina will continue to have a cordial relationship for the welfare of Mateo, who she has called the great treasure left by their marriage.

“We are very well, it is impressive that people that some people do not understand this part that can be civilized, a separation that can continue to be mom and dad without being a couple, and that’s amazing, and it will always be a great friend,” said the host of Hoy

On the other hand, Gali revealed that this would be the only time she would make statements about her separation because both her ex-husband and her son Mateo deserve respect. Since they are not public figures, she does not want to expose them even more.

Galilea Montijo, Tania Rincón, and Andrea Legarreta wiped their tears.

In addition to talking about her divorce, Gali also talked about the recent separations of her friends Tania Rincón and Andrea Legarreta; the host assured that although many may see it as “a joke,” the reality is that it is a bad move of fate. Still, she is confident that God knows why and how He does things.

“For all those people who may see this as a joke, this is happening at the same time to Tania and Andy, which could seem like a bad move in life, let me tell you and share with you that I do believe in God…and that’s why he put us in this moment this test together,” said Galilea Montijo.

Galilea Montijo said she is a faithful believer in God, so she thanked God that the separation process she has been going through had been hand in hand with Tania Rincón and Andrea Legarreta since the three of them have helped each other a lot and have lifted each other.

“Just by looking at each other, we wiped away our tears, just by looking at each other we were cherishing our souls, and I just want to tell you that I feel so accompanied and so loved by you, hard-working women, great moms, God put us in this moment for a reason…” said Galilea Montijo in tears.

Finally, Galilea Montijo said that today more than ever, she is clear about the meaning of the word “sorority” because, in the middle of the week of Women’s Day, she realized all the support she has received from her coworkers.

Likewise, Guadalajara’s hostess, considered one of the favorites of Mexican television, firmly believes that everything will be fine because she, Tania Rincón, and Andrea Legarreta are “old mops” and will soon get out of this difficult situation. Still, she asks everyone for respect and empathy for the pain they now feel.