Galilea Montijo suffers a painful moment when ignored by the mayor of New York live

A painful moment was the one that lived Galilea Montijo 48 years old, this after attending as a special guest of the Despierta América program, since the production, which moved to Times Square to carry out said morning, also invited the mayor of New York, Eric Adams.

And it is that Despierta América apparently wanted everything to be a success with his guests, but when the mayor greeted everyone on the program, he left, denying the greeting to Galilea Montijo, who was also waiting for the greeting like his colleagues, but what happened On the contrary, the worst of the case is that many assure that he did see it.

As expected, the social networks immediately reacted, because it was in very bad taste that the gentleman passed the Mexican driver from the lake, who, upon receiving said action, did not stop smiling, since he was in a program on the air, for what everything had to go well, but the public noticed the opposite when seeing the action.

“We don’t even want her here! Let Galilea go where she came from”, “Hahaha sorry but hahahahaha, go ahead if she teaches you that we should never believe ourselves more than the others hahahahahahaha”, “How ridiculous Galilea,, how does it feel that we do the same thing, as she did on the Today show!! She always did the same thing, you pay for everything hahahahahaha”, “Well technically she didn’t even try to greet him, instead of reaching out her hand she touched her face, because he As a good politician, she follows long, it is more I would dare to say that she was rude, “the networks write.

For those who do not know, Galilea Montijo despite the scandals she has experienced in recent months, far from fighting with the hate, she has dedicated herself to work, because as you already know, she is now part of Netas Divinas, where she has given a lot What to talk about on your first show.

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Although that is not all, it is also rumored that the host of the Hoy program wants to go to the United States to make a more international career.