Galilea Montijo will sue over rumors of an alleged affair with a narco

After an alleged romance between Galilea Montijo and the drug dealer killed in 2009, Arturo Beltran Leyva, alias ‘El Barbas’, the host of Televisa’s Hoy program broke the silence and announced that she will sue for the defamations.

Did Galilea have an affair with Beltrán Leyva?

In the book “Emma and the other ladies of the narco” they refer to Galilea Montijo and her alleged love affair with Beltrán Leyva. Galilea Montijo assured that what is said about her are only defamations.

Outside the Televisa facilities, in Mexico City, Montijo denied having had a relationship with the drug trafficker Beltrán Leyva, and said she was saddened that they linked her in that way, since she has always been a working person.

“You know me, I always come out to show my face, even the public knows that I have led a life of work. It is very sad to hear that rumors come ‘what he says, what he says’. It comes from a YouTube channel, a book is coming, the book has not come out, ”Galilea stressed.

And it is that, in recent days Gustavo Adolfo Infante took up what was written in the book ‘Emma and the other ladies of the narco’ by Anabel Hernández, in which he refers that Galilea Montijo allegedly had a love affair with Arturo Beltrán Leyva, better known as’ The Beards’.

“I will take legal action,” warns Galilea

Galilea Montijo assured that what is said about her are only defamations.

Therefore, the Guadalajara announced that it will take legal action when Anabel Hernández’s book comes to light. In addition to highlighting that you will have to prove what is said in it.

“The day the book comes out, I will take legal action. All I’m telling you is that this defamation law should be more severe. I have been very calm. Where have I been in relationships and slander, I have let it pass, because I was not married. Now yes, I have a son, I have someone to take care of. And this is the only part.

“I think it should be legislated because it not only affects the company I work for, not only the program, it affects me, my family. I live on my image. I have dropped campaigns for him they say and they say. I take it as one more hairline ”, said Galilea Montijo.

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