Galilea Montijo: with which celebrities have you had problems in addition to Lilí Brillanti

Galilea Montijo was again accused by Lilí Brillanti for alleged threats she received while working together (Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo)

Galilea Montijo has positioned herself as one of the most controversial drivers in recent months due to different accusations that have been made against her, as is the case with Lili Brillanti. However, his history of friction goes from Laura Bozzo even with Andrea Legarreta.

One of the most controversial fights that Galilea has had was with Laura Bozzo, which dates back almost 10 years. Tapatia revealed during a broadcast of Today that the Peruvian company had sent its production to They ran her out of the corridors of Televisa, because she did not like that someone else was there when she had to walk around the company.

Montijo said she was very indignant at the behavior of the self-proclaimed advocate for the poor and for years he kept his enmity.

Galilea Montijo could not express her surprise at the presence of Laura Bozzo in
Galilea Montijo explained that she talked with Laura Bozzo after what happened in the corridors of Televisa, so now they are friends (Photo: Screenshot / Canal de Las Estrellas).

However, in April 2021, both drivers met again in the dance contest The stars dance on Today, where they explained what they achieved reconcile after having this media confrontation. Now they enjoy a strong friendship.

Ines Gomez Mont She is another of the presenters with whom Galilea has had friction. It all started in 2008, when Inés worked at windowing, where he assured that his colleague was a woman who was only looking for a wealthy husband.

also called her Dona Table, alluding to the rumors that were made about the beginnings of Guadalajara, as it was said that she was supposedly dedicated to being a dancer in nightclubs.

Inés Gómez Mont and Galilea Montijo
Galilea, after being attacked by Gómez Mont, decided to talk to her to get to know each other. Since then their friendship was born (Photo: Instagram/@inesgomezmont)

The lawsuit with Gómez Mont did not last long, since Montijo contacted her to ask her out and get to know her before answering her statements. Since then they have become close friendsThey even vacation together.

Another of the lawsuits that the presenter of TodayHe went with his partner Shanik Berman. In 2011, both were in the Televisa morning talking about a note about a celebrity couple.

Among the questions that Montijo made to Berman, she defended herself by asking her why she always contradicted his comments. Finally, Shanik left the frame saying: “Why bother the lady? stay with your program”.

Fight between Galilea Montijo and Shanik Berman
Shanik Berman has continued to have run-ins with Galilea since their first confrontation (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

Although Andrea Legarreta quickly made her return, Berman left again because Galilea assured her that it was a tantrum. They took another few minutes and a conversation with the producer of Today for Shanik to agree to return to the show, though friction continues to this day.

Andrea Legarreta on one of her anniversaries in the morning she confessed that she also had problems with his partner, either because they had differences of opinion or because they had to face each other on the same program.

However, she was sure that his love for Montijo is stronger that all those frictions and they have never gotten to fight to the point where they walk away.

Galilea Montijo showed off the figure of his partner, Andrea Legarreta.  (Photo: @galileamontijo/Instagram)
Andrea Legarreta confirmed that she has had problems with Galilea, but they have never been serious (Photo: @galileamontijo/ Instagram)

In 2017 Galilee also got involved in a controversy with Joseph Ron after the actor claimed that she only spoke well on her friends’ show. The woman from Guadalajara defended herself by assuring that with her comments she was only harming the company for which she worked.

Lilí Brillanti on Galilea Montijo
Lilí Brillanti assured that Montijo threatened to hit her (Photo: Intagram/@lilibrillanticoconductora)

The conflict that has received the most attention in recent days is the one that Montijo had with Lili Brillanti. Although the driver of Today assured that she did not remember what happened 20 years ago when they work together to TV life, confirmed that for a time their relationship was very bad.

Galilea affirms that Brillanti leaked notes that spoke ill of her, which caused them to confront each other until almost come to blows.


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