“Gallo” Elizalde revealed why he stopped the series inspired by the life of Valentín Elizalde

Francisco “El Gallo” Elizalde is out of danger

Francisco “El Gallo” Elizalde, brother of Valentín Elizalde, responded in a brief interview about how the legal process of his nieces, Valeria and Gabriela, for the rights of his father’s image is going. In addition, he revealed the reason why his brother’s bioseries that had been prepared were stopped.

The consanguineous of Valentín Elizalde was interviewed by the cameras of the morning show of TV Azteca, Come Happiness and pointed out that the production they had planned to pay tribute to his brother, after three decades since his murder, was stopped by the legal problem faced by the daughters of the deceased interpreter for the rights to the image of their father.

No, no, there is nothing ahead. I stopped everything, I don’t want to get in trouble and above all I don’t want to stress about things and I prefer to focus on my work, “said the interpreter about the series that was being produced.

Also, the uncle of Valeria and Gabriela, I send a message to his nieces about the legal dispute they have within the family and He pointed out that they should get to work to put up the name of “El Gallo de Oro.”

“Everyone by their side, the net there is no arrangement yet with anyone and I ask for an apology from you”, He pointed out about the legal problem.

“Actually, look, I thought they must take the roll, and that they understand that they should take advantage of their father’s name. They must take care of everything that comes with being daughters of the ‘Golden Rooster’, especially taking advantage of the name left by their father, because many people already take advantage and who better than them to take advantage“It would be nothing more than to manage them, agree and get to work,” said the Mexican interpreter.

Rooster elizalde
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Recently, it was 15 years since the death of Valentín Elizalde, the singer-songwriter passed away at the age of 27 after his last performance. The regional interpreter left more than 10 albums after his death, which contain different hits such as To my enemies, Go now, How it hurts, The Sinaloan, The most desired, And it looks like you, Nothing, Drunk with love, The deer, I am like that, Heart of gold, Victor.

When Elizalde was at the peak of his career, the interpreter of Go away came to collect 4.5 million pesos a week.

The confrontations of the inheritance have not stopped, recently it was learned that two of the singer’s daughters, Valeria and Gabriela, disputed his father’s inheritance, after they announced that they would file a lawsuit against his grandmother, Camila Valencia, for allegedly prevent them from accessing the goods of more than 20 million pesos left by “El Gallo de Oro”.

Elizalde was born in February 1979 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
Elizalde was born in February 1979 (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

During an interview with The sun rises the daughters of the Mexican interpreter revealed that Valentine’s mother and executor changed all the singer’s properties to his name and that other members of his family have sold some of the singer’s assets over the past few years.

During the mourning anniversary of Valentín Elizalde it was said that the dispute between sisters came to an end, when Marco Tulio Fernández, the interpreter’s former lawyer, explained that they managed to reach an agreement for the separation of assets and was divided equally for his three daughters Gabriela Elizalde, Valentina Elizalde and Valeria Elizalde.


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