Gaming: Rainbow7 is the new leader of the Latin American League of League of Legends

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Rainbow7 took away the undefeated status of the two-time champion Infinity on Friday to reach six points and become this Sunday in the only leader of the Apertura 2022 tournament of the Latin American League of League of Legends.

Rainbow7 took advantage of Infinity’s passive play and in 36 minutes he destroyed his nexus to assume leadership for the first time in the competition alone in the League that played its third week.

Those of the rainbow fired 10 of the 11 rival turrets and were led in attack by five murders of Argentine shooter Lorenzo ‘Ceo’ Tévez.

Estral Esports won their game and took the fourth point of the tournament by beating Globant Emerald Team (GET) in the mid game, who struggled but succumbed to the Egyptian Gods’ dominance in the mid and bot lane.

GET only managed to conquer a dragon from the oceans, while his rival made a soul and two barons, He also had six casualties from the Mexican jungler Jesús ‘Grell’ Loya.

XTEN Esports turned their game around against the All Knights by taking advantage of mistakes in their opponents’ team fights, which failed in defensive positioning.

The best ‘gamer’ of the ‘Bots’ was the Argentine top lane Tomás ‘Zerito’ Colangelowho signed seven casualties, keys for his team to push through the central lane where the game ended at 42.

Team Aze played an offensive game against a hesitant Isurus when it came to attacking as a group, which cost Tiburón losing for the fourth time in the tournament, while the ‘Ace’ reached four units.

The South Korean Lane Park ‘5kid’ Jeong-hyeon spearheaded Aze’s attack by dispatching six kills and assisting another sixthe important 12 to take advantage in the mid lane and end the game in 30 minutes.

-Position table: Rainbow7 (6 points), Infinity (4), Estral Esports (4), Team Aze (4), Isurus (2), XTEN Esports (2), GET (1) and All Knights (0).

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