Gareth Bale would retire from football if Wales fail to qualify for Qatar 2022

Gareth Bale to consider retiring from soccer if the selection of Welsh does not get the pass to Qatar World Cup 2022, according to reports.

Bale’s contract with Real Madrid is nearing its end, so in the summer he could become a free agent. This has left him thinking about his future, after months without seeing action with the meringues and almost no possibility of renewing.

But the difficult situation with Real Madrid might not be the end of his career. According to The Athletic, Bale would be willing to sign a short-term contract to stay in shape if his team qualifies for the World Cup.

In case of getting the pass to Qatar, it would be the first time since 1958 that Wales have attended a World Cup, and it would certainly be a perfect ending to Bale’s career, who will turn 33 in July.

What does Wales need to qualify for Qatar 2022?

Wales finished second in Group E of the UEFA knockout, but had already secured their place in the playoffs. Bale’s years at Madrid were marked by injuries.

Wales secured a place in the UEFA knockout round of the playoffs thanks to being the best team in their group in the Nations League in March, the first time since the British nation managed to reach such a stage since 1958.

Gareth Bale and company will have to beat Austria in the playoff match to be played on March 24 in Cardiff. In case of winning, he would play a second game against Scotland or Ukraine to obtain a pass to the World Cup.

Gareth Bale and Real Madrid

Bale’s years at Madrid were marked by injuries.

Six months after ending their relationship, Bale and Real Madrid are at what is perhaps the lowest point for both parties. The player returned to Spain with a back injury that keeps him out of the club’s plans.

In May, just before returning to end his senior year as a merengue, Gareth Bale hinted that his plans could cause chaos at Real Madrid. What does the future hold for the exceptional Welsh player? Will Wales be able to get one of the three remaining tickets to go to Qatar? AmericanPost.News.

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