Garibaldi’s bioseries comes without Pilar Montenegro; for this she resigned to continue in the show

Mexico. Some members of the musical group Garibaldi have made public that the bioseries of the musical group is being prepared that in the nineties was the sensation in Mexico and other countries.

Patricia Manterola, Charly López, Sergio Mayer and Luisa Fernanda were part of said musical project and will somehow reappear in the bioseries that is being prepared, except Pilar Montenegro, another of its former members.

“He doesn’t want to know anything at all” says Luisa Fernanda in an interview with the media in CDMX, some news portals report.

“Pilar is not going to be there, Pilar is retired, Pilar has no intention of ever coming back, she is not interested in knowing anything about the show business, the press, the media in general, she does not want to know anything at all”, says Luisa Fernanda .

Pillar Montenegro. instagram photo

In addition, Luisa Fernanda herself mentions that neither she nor her Garibaldi colleagues intend to insist on Montenegro, since her decision has been made. and there will be nothing to change her mind.

What they do contemplate for the bioseries, says the same singer and host Luisa Fernanda, is that in some way they will talk about their friend Xavier Ortiz, who died in September 2020.

Garibald is a Mexican pop group founded in 1986 in Mexico City, produced by Luis de Llano Macedo and Óscar Gómez and originally made up of Pilar Montenegro, Patricia Manterola, Luisa Fernanda Lozano, Katia Llanos, Charly López, Xavier Ortiz, Sergio Mayer and Victor Noriega.

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In the late 1980s and much of the 1990s Garibaldi had great success nationally and internationally, Since it was presented in different places in Mexico, the USA and other countries, and some of its successes are Que la pongo, Dame un beso, Banana and La ventanita.

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