Gas stations in Yucatán, among the cheapest according to Profeco

Three gas stations in Yucatán have the lowest profit indicators per liter of fuel, according to the report “Who is who in gasoline prices”, of the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Profeco).

The document made with information from the Secretariats of Energy (Sener) and of Economy federal, he indicates, points to two stations of the G500 brand and one of Pemex, all of them located in Mérida, which showed the minimum profit indicators at the national level, in regular, premium and diesel gasoline, respectively.

In the case of regular gasoline, the service station located in Cadastral Table # 45963, turned out to have the lowest profit indicator nationwide, with 0.15 cents per liter, offering the measure of this fuel at 19.69 pesos in price to the public.

The gas station located in Mérida shares the section with stations of the Mobil, Viamigo, Arco, Servifácil and G500 brands, from Guanajuato, Puebla, Tamaulipas, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Veracruz and Chiapas, whose profit margins range from 0.27 to 1.57 pesos per liter.

The lowest profit indicators in premium gasoline among the eight regions of the country, Profeco included among the list the G500 station located at the intersection of Calle 67 and 42 # 207 in Mérida, whose profit margin is 1.12 pesos per liter and final price of 21.29 pesos.

In this section, the Pemex station in La Paz, Baja California Sur, located on Bulevar Forjadores, was the one that reported the lowest rate of profit, with 27 cents per liter and a retail price of 21.70. This also includes Mobil, G500, Bp and Servifácil gas stations, whose profit is 0.94 to 1.43 pesos per liter.

Regarding the diesel, the Profeco found at the service station Pemex of kilometer 12 + 500 of the Mérida-Progreso highway, the lowest profit indicator nationwide, with only 0.15 cents per liter and a public price of 21.31 pesos.

Below this gas station are Pemex, Mobil, Arco and Tesoro stations, from Veracruz, Guanajuato, Puebla, Chiapas, Nuevo León, Chihuahua and Sinalea, whose margins range from 17 cents to 1.16 pesos per liter, for a final price of between 21.05 to 21.49 pesos per liter.

High prices

Three service stations were recognized by the federal agency In Yucatán reported an increase in the price between December 24 and 25

In contrast to the gas stations mentioned, the Profeco also warns about gas stations with the highest prices for all three types of fuel.

In the case of gasoline regular, detected the high prices at Oxxogas, Bp, Shell, Eustoil and Pemex stations in Nuevo León, Campeche, Veracruz, Durango, Estado de México, Michoacán, Guerrero and Nayarin, whose profit indicators range from 1.63 to 3.90 pesos per liter.

The gas premium that is charged with the highest profit indicator in the eight regions of the country is found at the Shell, Mobil, Pemex, Chevron and LaGas stations in Mexico City, Nuevo León, Veracruz, Sonora, Quintana Roo, Michoacán, Oaxaca and Chihuahua , who earn from 2.0 to 3.41 pesos for each liter shipped.

On the other hand the diesel Pemex, LaGas, Oxxogas and G500 gas stations in Jalisco, State of Mexico, Nuevo León, Quintana Roo, Chihuahua, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Nayarit, sell this fuel with profits of between 1.54 and 2.42 pesos per liter.

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Price increase at gas stations

In Yucatan they reported an increase in the price between December 24 and 25

It should be noted that since last December 24, in Yucatan an increase in the price of gasoline began to be noticed, since some stations of the entity charge almost 23 pesos per liter of fuel.

Dispatchers from stations where premium gasoline and diesel are dispatched at 22.84 and 22.94, mentioned that the price hike occurred during the night of December 24 and the early morning of December 25, in addition to a further increase is expected on January 1, 2022.

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