Cat baptized by his owner and causes a furor on TikTok

How do you know dogs and cats have become in many families more than pets, well, they are really considered as members of this, but that is not all, there are those who humanize them so much that they even treat them as children, and now in TikTok It was revealed that a young girl baptized her feline friend, you have to see how the party went!

In AmericanPost.News We reveal to you that baptism is a religious ritual, and that it is carried out under different rules, this according to the belief that is practiced.

Previously we told you about the most tender and lethal pets; However, now we share the photos of the baptism of a feline, you will not believe it!

Baptized cat went viral on TikTok

Orion at his christening. Photo: TikTok pecoshadows

It was the user Dariana Vega who published a video on this social network that left everyone astonished, then, she shared the invitations for her cat’s christening in a church, and shared images of the party that took place after the ceremony , in one of these clips, he wrote:

“Don’t get together with Orion, his mother is crazy and she even gave him a baptism.”

Through this video, it was possible to see how at the Orion party there was cake, a beautiful decoration with balloons and a blue cross, in addition to the fact that there were also guests, and these were other felines.

What did netizens say about the video?

Orion at his christening. Photo: TikTok pecoshadows

Many recalled what Pope Francis said a few days ago, that pets have become substitutes for children, hence some commented:

“And then why is Pope Francis angry.”

Although others were more comical and asked that their first communion and confirmation also be held, what do you think about this act? Do you support it or are you against it?

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