Georgina Rodríguez displays her charms in Portugal (and without Cristiano Ronaldo)

The model Georgina Rodriguez is these days in Portugal and apparently far from his partner, the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who has already had to rejoin the training sessions of Juventus in Turin to prepare for the next season. That is at least what emerges from the profile of Instagram of the celebrity, who has not hesitated to display all her charms in her partner’s country both in the morning and at night.

Making the chorus of a song his own Rihanna, “Diamonds”, the also designer appeared dazzling in a photo that portrays her retouching in the bathroom of a luxurious Portuguese establishment. Considering that he has tagged the giant of the streaming Netflix, it is likely that his presence in Portuguese lands is directly linked to the recording of his long-awaited documentary series.

In another of the photos, Georgina presents herself to her fans sunbathing on a sophisticated terrace while showing off her spectacular anatomy, perfectly enhanced with a tight white top and jeans above the knee. Once again, the series and movies platform has made an appearance in the publication, in this case to show that Georgina’s beauty and magnetism do not go unnoticed.

Although the star of the ball is already in Italy and, in his own words, “happy to return to work”, it is possible that the Portuguese accompanied his new partner on this trip that has apparently been documented by the cameras of Netflix. Given that both tend to move around the world at full speed thanks to their brand new private jet, it would not be at all difficult for the footballer to rush until the last moment before starting the trip back to Turin.