Geraldine Bazán and Alejandro Nones are seen for the first time at an event

Geraldine Bazan and Alejandro Nones has left Internet users intrigued about a possible romance, since it has been speculated that since they coincided in the recordings of the second part of “Crown of tears”, they have been caught together, they were even caught at the Coldplay concert.

But, despite the photographs and strong speculation of a possible romance, neither of them has given details of their love life, but recently, the actors have caused a furor on social networks as they attended a red carpet and left see for the first time together.

At the beginning of May we inform you in AmericanPost.News that Bazán and Nones were captured in a restaurant near Santa Fe, even the famous one gave him a passionate kiss, there was also flirtation and hugs, but now the actors went to the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Geraldine and Alejandro Nones appear together on a red carpet

Bazán and Nones Ex-wife of Gabriel Soto

At the gala organized by Chopard jewelry and watchmaking that took place last Saturday May 21 in Cannes, the famous surprised everyone with their arrival at the event. The actress wore a beautiful light blue dress and Alejandro an elegant suit.

Despite the fact that both posed separately, a photo where they appear together drew attention, the actor did not hesitate to affectionately embrace the actress, who wore a spectacular dress like a princess, also highlighted her beautiful face with discreet makeup.

What is the life of Geraldine Bazán?

Ex-wife of Gabriel Soto

The famous woman will return to the small screen on Televisa, as they will premiere the second part of the melodrama “Corona de Lágrimas” on the Canal de las Estrellas in the second half of this 2022, which is why Gabriel Soto’s ex is focused on the project.

Although, the actress Geraldine Bazán has called the attention of her followers for the new photo that was revealed of her and the actor Alejandro Nones, because the celebrities looked so adorable in that image, although neither of them shared that photo on their social profiles .

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