Geraldine Bazán confirms that she returned with her ex, who is she?

Geraldine Bazan broke up with Gabriel Soto in 2018. He left her for his current fiancee, Irina Baeva, with whom he would soon reach the altar. For this reason, the famous actress felt hurt for a few years.

However, she just revealed in an interview with Adele Micha in “La Saga” that she has been very happy in recent days since she is in love again, although she confessed that it is one of her ex-partners.

And everyone’s got the idea in their heads that it could be Gabriel Soto because, for personal reasons, he recently canceled his wedding with Irina, as we should already know from America Post News. So far, they have not revealed a new date.

Which ex-partner is Geraldine Bazán dating?

Geraldine Bazán affirms that she would not return with Gabriel Soto.

Geraldine Bazan told Adele Micha that she is enjoying love again with someone she dated in the past. However, she confessed that they are still in a trial period as a couple because she still does not know if she will adapt to her life and that of her daughters.

It is that we had already walked before… we finished… And now we are seeing. I’m not 15 anymore, I have two daughters, I’m very clear about what I want, and so let’s see,” confessed the actress.

However, he refused to reveal the identity of the gallant with whom he had already had a relationship, and Adele Micha wasted no time, asking her if the ex-partner would be Gabriel Soto. Geraldine responded instantly, “no, man! (I don’t want it) or gift wrapped”. Also, recently, the actress talked about how she discovered that the actor was unfaithful to her.

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What are the names of Geraldine Bazán’s daughters?

They are the two daughters of Geraldine Bazán.

The famous 39-year-old Geraldine Bazán is the mother of two daughters when she was with the actor Gabriel Soto. The little ones are called Elisa Marie Soto and Alexa Miranda Soto.