Geraldine Bazán, ex-wife of Gabriel Soto, uncomfortable because of her daughters’ coexistence with Irina Baeva?

In a meeting she had with various media, the soap opera actress Geraldine Bazan, 38 years old and originally from Mexico City, clarified if it bothers him that his daughters live with Irina Baeva, current sentimental partner of her ex-husband Gabriel Soto, recognized gallant of melodramas in our country.

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán They had a loving relationship for 10 years and as a result of that love, they had their daughters Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, who are 12 and 7 years old, respectively.

On living with the Russian-born actress Irina Baeva, Geraldine said that as long as they are well and with their father, the rest does not matter: “they are with their father, for me that is the most important thing, that they are with their father, that they are happy and calm “.

And like any proud mother, she spoke to the entertainment press about the acting debut of her first-born, noting that Elisa Marie is very protected, in addition to being a “extremely mature” young woman.

She has her parents 100 percent by her side, taking care of her and advising her, as long as she has this support, this trust at home, everything will be very good for her.

Alexa Miranda and Elisa Marie are as beautiful as their mother Geraldine Bazán.

Remember that the love story between Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto ended due to an infidelity. The actress who is part of the cast of “Crown of tears 2” (starring Victoria Ruffo), assures that the father of her daughters cheated on her with Irina Baeva, who in social networks is constantly attacked with offensive words; many people refer to it as a “husband remover” or a “home breaker.”

Today, the ex-wife of the soap opera heartthrob has a courtship with businessman Luis Rodrigo Murillo. When asked if she would remarry, this is what she replied:

“I already married once and what I want right now is to live, enjoy life and continue to grow emotionally and professionally, this question of marriage does not take away my sleep.”

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Likewise, he keeps his love affair away from the spotlight and so far, he has not appeared in public with Luis Rodrigo Murillo. “You share what you want to share, if you don’t want to expose something that you want to keep for yourself and take care of, you don’t expose yourself when it is not necessary to do so, I like it, I do it like that at this moment and I will continue to do it, for now I’m happy So”.