Geraldine Bazán explained why she is not looking to marry and did not rule out being a mother again

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In the middle of the wedding plans between Irina Baeva Y Gabriel Soto, Geraldine Bazan He disclosed some details of his private life. The soap opera actress decided to give love a new chance for what her boyfriend is premiering, explained why she is not looking to remarry and confessed that she wants to be a mother for the third time.

The native of Mexico City held a meeting with the media where she shared congratulations, as she is very happy with a new partner from whom so far his name is unknown. Geraldine Bazán was questioned about the identity of the lucky person, but did not want to delve into details because she made the decision not to air her love life.

Good, all super good“, He said with a laugh in a video recovered by the morning Today. “You guys [medios] They know that you share what you want to share and what you don’t, well no. Finally, if you do not want to expose something that you want to keep as very much for yourself and take care of itWell, you don’t go where you know you shouldn’t go ”, he declared.

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Since Geraldine Bazán separated from Gabriel Soto, she had not stated that she had a formal relationship with another person, for that reason the confirmation took by surprise in the middle of the show. Regarding the comments that his mother has previously reported, Rosalba OrtizOn not considering the official courtship until marriage, the actress replied that for her it is not necessary.

In addition, he mentioned that he has not thought about marrying again, since he considers that he already lived that stage of his life with the father of his two daughters and expressed that he prefers to continue enjoying to the fullest all the good things that he has in his life. However, he did not completely rule out rejoining his life in that way with the lucky man.

“I already got married once and what I want right now is to live, enjoy life and continue to grow emotionally and professionally, this question of marriage does not keep me awake”, He expressed.

Victoria Ruffo and Geraldine Bazán Crown of Tears
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It should be remembered that Geraldine Bazán was married to Gabriel Soto until 2018, when they decided to separate permanently. By that time, the marriage had already faced two rumors about an infidelity on the part of the protagonist of Do you remember me.

The first of them arose when the actor was caught enjoying the sun and sand next to Marjorie de Sousa. In the images in question, both artists could be seen playing and, at one point, Soto hugged his co-worker, which led to misinterpretations. However, both denied the speculation and assured that it was all about a coexistence between friends.

The second moment was when it emerged that the 46-year-old actor would have stopped living in the house where he lived with his then wife and daughters. The information was not confirmed by the still marriage, but resurfaced after both made their separation official and the name of Irina Baeva began to circulate among the rumors.

Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva
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By then, Gabriel Soto and the Russian actress had starred Love came, a telenovela that finished airing in 2017; In addition, they also integrated the cast of Why do men love goats?. The actors have denied having sustained an extra-marital relationship and later confirmed their courtship, they are currently engaged and hope to unite their lives in 2022.

Regarding the possibility of becoming a mother again, Geraldine mentioned that she does not consider it necessary, since she is very happy with her two daughters, but she did not rule out that it could happen.

I don’t need anything, I have two beautiful girls. Well I don’t know, we’ll see, life will tell”He added.


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