Geraldine Bazán is criticized on Instagram for looking very thin

Geraldine Bazan became a topic of conversation on social media after show off the sexy outfit that she used at the Estylo Magazine cover party. However, the actress did not count on some netizens they will criticize their physical appearance.

In the recording we can see the mother of Elisa Marie and Alexa Miranda, the result of her failed marriage with Gabriel Soto, model a Victor & Jesse brand design on a turntable. This outfit consisted of two tailored yellow / green pieces, which were adorned with multi-colored pieces and highlighted her statuesque silhouette.

According to information revealed on her Instagram account, the series and soap opera actress attended the event held in Wynwood, Miami to celebrate that he had covered the cover of said magazine specialized in fashion issues very popular in the Latin market in the United States and much of Mexico.

Thinness worries his followers

Netizens assure that the actress has lost too much weight. Gabriel Soto’s ex-wife underwent an impressive physical change over the years.

Although received hundreds of compliments from his loyal fansThe actress, who recently revealed the reasons that led her to stay away from acting for a while, was criticized for her physical appearance, as some netizens say that He’s already lost too much weight and he doesn’t look as good as before.

“She’s pretty, but she’s too skinny”, “Someone to buy her an order of tacos”, “Bella, but don’t keep losing weight“, “All bones are left, no more diets” and “Too thin, she exercises to have a leg and a butt “are some critics that are read in Instagram.

The before and after of Geraldine Bazán

Gabriel Soto’s ex-wife underwent an impressive physical change over the years.

Just as you mentioned AmericanPost.News Previously, Geraldine Bazán has had an impressive physical change over the years, this because lost several kilos thanks to a new and strict diet. When it comes to plastic surgery, the actress admitted that she has only had a rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation.

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