Geraldine Bazán’s mother sends messages of respect and affection to Gabriel Soto: “A beautiful person”

Geraldine Bazán’s mother sends messages of respect and affection to Gabriel Soto: “A beautiful person”

Mrs Rosalba Ortiz surprised by revealing that he no longer holds a grudge against Gabriel Soto and his current partner, Irina BaevaHe even showed his education and respect by expressing his good wishes for the couple.

During the most recent meeting with the media, the mother of Geraldine Bazán She confessed to being amazed by the new attitude that the father of her granddaughters has taken, assuring that this is due to a possible change of representative because now she even stops to speak to the press when they find him at public events or the airport.

“Yes indeed I want to congratulate you, that I see that already Gabriel changed his manager and public relationsist, because his answers are already more intelligentBefore, they said things that not even God the Father forgives them, but now they are already mentioning God and other things like that is fine. I think he did come when they interviewed me and answered. You have to be with your feet on the ground and a well-born person is a grateful person, ”said journalist Eden Dorantes before the camera.

And he stressed that he does not want to attack him again, because in addition to being part of his family he always had a good image of him.

“He is the father of my granddaughters, and he always made me a beautiful, calm person, but after all that started, when so many things came out, he said ‘Well, what’s wrong? I don’t know him ‘, but now he has reached maturity ”.

Also, doña Rosalba surprised by showing that she no longer holds any grudges So he dared to ask the producers to work for Soto and even for the actress of Russian origin, whose name he refused to mention, assuring that she is not willing to give him publicity.

“Besides, I ask all producers, producers, film directors, company owners, please give me a job … I no longer want to say (ex-employee) because they get angry, Gabriel, and that they also give me a lot of work. daughter, thank God she is not lacking, and also why not ?, also the other person (Irina) ”.

But Gabriel Soto’s ex-mother-in-law does not miss one and hinted that, in addition to Irina, there could be more partners of the actor in the future: “Why do you put a name? I just said the other person, it could be her or others who pass through the path of our familyHe added.

Days before, doña Rosalba Ortiz confessed that she is happy with her daughter’s affair with the real estate entrepreneur, Luis Rodrigo MurilloHowever, for the moment he prefers not to know him.

“No, I don’t even want him to introduce it to me.”

And when asked if it is because she does not like Geraldine as a couple, she was blunt in answering: “I must not like it, she must like it“.

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