Post-breakup turmoil: Shakira’s ex Gerard Piqué and brother Tonino Mebarak clash in Miami

Family feud erupts after Shakira and Gerard Piqué's split, as Tonino Mebarak steps in to defend his sister during heated confrontation in Miami.

For twelve years, Shakira and Gerard Pique were one of the most famous couples in the artistic environment and lived wrapped in romance and illusion. However, after their breakup, everything seemed to have changed, and what was a unique experience turned into an ordeal. Some international media have pointed out that the situation is getting out of hand, as the ex-footballer and his ex-brother-in-law, Tonino Mebarak, would have come to blows.

When Shakira and Gerard Piqué began their relationship in 2010, everyone predicted positive things for them, and as time went by, their romance grew stronger. Then, they saw their two children’s birth, forming a united family.

After several years, in 2022, the singer and the former Barcelona defender decided to end their romance and go their separate ways.

This came as a surprise to their millions of fans and followers. However, this would be the beginning of a difficult and tense situation they would go through.

Shakira y Gerard Piqué cuando aún eran pareja (Foto: Shakira/Facebook)
Shakira and Gerard Piqué when they were still a couple (Photo: Shakira/Facebook)


After their breakup, Shakira and Gerard Pique started legal proceedings to see some issues, such as selling the house where they lived in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat Barcelona.

Another issue they have solved legally is the custody of their children, who now live with the Colombian in Miami. To this is added the hints that the one from Barranquilla made to the father of her children in songs like “Monotonía,” “BZRP Music Sessions #53″ or “Te Felicito.”

Gerard Piqué fue un exjugador del Barcelona de España (Foto: AFP)
Gerard Piqué was a former player of Barcelona of Spain (Photo: AFP).


It is public knowledge that Shakira and her children arrived in Miami(United States) to start a new life after separating from Gerard Piqué. In addition, after going through some legal issues, the former Barcelona defender had to comply with the order to visit his children for a few days in that city.

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But the arrival of the ex-footballer to Miami would have brought more than one surprise because, according to Univision, the Spaniard and Shakira‘s brother, Tonino Mebarak, would have gone to blows.

Gerard Piqué allegedly came to blows with Tonino Mebarak, his ex-brother-in-law, during his first visit to Miami after an alleged argument with Shakira got out of control,” reads the article in the international media.

Shakira junto a su hermano Tonino Mebarak (Foto: Shakixfan/Instragram)
Shakira with her brother Tonino Mebarak (Photo: Shakixfan/Instagram)


Univision claims that journalist Verónica Bastos said that Piqué, after his arrival in Miami, “had an alleged altercation” with the singer of “Ojos así.” For this reason, Tonino had to intervene.

The weekend news is that Shakira supposedly had a fierce fight with her ex, and the argument allegedly became so violent that Tonino, the singer’s brother, apparently had to go to blows with Piqué to defend his sister,” said the communicator as reported by Univision.


On Telemundo’s program “La Mesa Caliente,” it was said, according to, that the police even had to intervene.

“The police had to intervene. There is no official and public report about said incident. Piqué was seen over the weekend. He was in an exclusive hotel with access to the sea, where he was having lunch with his little ones, who were seen in the hotel pool,” they said in that space.

Shakira y Tonino Mebarak en una de sus tantas fotografías juntos (Foto: Shakixfan/Instragram)
Shakira and Tonino Mebarak in one of their many pictures together (Photo: Shakixfan/Instagram)

Shakira’s personal information

  • Birth name: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
  • Date of birth: February 2, 1977
  • Age: 46 years old
  • Children: Milan and Sasha
  • Place of birth: Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Nationality: Colombian and Spanish
  • Residence: Barcelona
  • Mother tongue: Spanish
  • Height: 1.57 m