Gerard Piqué’s family reacts to Shakira’s controversial statements

New details continue to come to light about the relationship between Shakira and Gerard Piqué, more specifically from the family of the Spanish soccer player who has broken the silence.

Days ago, the Colombian gave an interview to ELLE magazine where she spoke for the first time about their separation, her sacrifices, and how the press exposure hurts her.

Even though it was said that Piqué was furious about these statements, it is now the Bernabeu family who has come forward and condemned the actions of the Colombian star in the middle of the scandal.

This is how Piqué’s family reacted to Shakira’s interview

This is how Piqué’s family reacted to Shakira’s interview.

Gerard Piqué’s family reacted to Shakira’s controversial statements, and according to close sources, they are not happy with how she handles the separation situation.

It is said that Piqué’s close circle sees this as a possible affectation in the negotiations that are taking place to see who gets to keep Sasha and Milán.

It should be noted that the Colombian and the Spaniard are still discussing the issues of sharing responsibilities and everything related to the legal custody of their children.

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What do you think of Clara Chía Martí?

What do you think of Clara Chía Martí?

It has been said that Piqué has already formally introduced Clara Chía Martí to his family, and they would like to see the 23-year-old girl. In comparison, this is how Shakira looked like when she was 23.

Apparently, Clara Chia is a marketing student. She is 23 years old and works at the Kosmos offices owned by Pique, whom she met when she was a waitress at a bar frequented by the soccer player.

Meanwhile, it is known that Shakira is trying to speed up the legal process so that her children move with her to Miami and thus avoid any kind of cohabitation with Clara.