Gerardo de la Torre Morales dies and Julio Ramírez mourns his loss

Gerardo de la Torre Morales he was a famous Writer Mexican born in Oaxaca and his most recent writing was titled ‘Instantáneas’ and published in 2019, but now, he has surprisingly lost his life and his faithful friend Julio Ramirez gave the sad news.

In AmericanPost.News We remind you that Gerardo’s first writing was published in 1968 and was called ‘The other flood’.

Previously we told you about Writers and rivals: Six literary enmities; However, now we will tell you about a pen lover who lost his life, destroying the hearts of those who loved him.

Julio Ramírez says goodbye to Gerardo de la Torre Morales

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It was through his Facebook account that the poet announced that the writer died this Saturday, in his publication he commented:

“… he’s gone, he no longer managed to throw his curve ball or choke his mule of sixes to life. He got tired of the games, although he resisted. “

In addition, he said very sad and moved by the lack of his great friend, they assure that the Mexican letters are in mourning and concluded:

“Oaxaca, his homeland, green quarry, family and friends, we are speechless. Rest, cousin; this rogue virus did not respect your strength. “

In the text, the poet hints that Gerardo died from COVID-19, although he does not say so officially.

What are Gerardo’s books?

Gerardo. Photo:

Next, we give you a list of his literary successes, so that you can get some and pay tribute to the memory of this great artist of the pen.

  1. Story books
  2. The Other Deluge (1968)
  3. The Avenger (1973)
  4. Marx’s Old Wolves (1981)
  5. Worker’s Life Stories (1988)
  6. The Rain in Corinth (1993)
  7. Tobalá and other Oaxacan mezcals (1998)
  8. The flame of love (2001)
  9. The monkey house and other crimes (2002)
  • Novel
  1. Dress rehearsal (1970)
  2. The Hard Line (1971)
  3. Death of Aurora (1980)
  4. Children of the Eagle (1989)
  5. The crazy boys of that summer (1994)
  6. They Bite the Dust (1999)
  7. Snow over Oaxaca (2010)
  8. The offspring of the eldest Julio Novoa (2015)
  9. Death belongs to me (2015)

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