Germán Montero revealed what he will do with the million pesos he won on “MasterChef Celebrity”

Finalists of “MasterChef Celebrity” (Photo: Instagram / @ masterchefmx)

After being named the first MasterChef Celebrity in Mexico, German Montero He confessed that he intends to use the million pesos he earned to pay his debts because during the COVID-19 pandemic his artistic career was affected, therefore also his income.

The ex-vocalist of The Overwhelming Band the Lemon gave an interview for the YouTube show Go go tv, where he spoke about his experience within the famous food reality show. The singer commented that after getting the award, he will have the money to leave his debts behind before investing and refocusing on his career.

I am going to pay all the debts that I have, because I have a lot of debts. I have a year and a half without working, so I have to pay”He declared.

(Photo: @ germanmontero5 / Instagram)
(Photo: @ germanmontero5 / Instagram)

Without delving much into the subject, Germán Montero mentioned that the pandemic has had a notable impact on the entertainment industry, especially in physical presentations, since since they were made known, they were recommended by sanitary measures, a series of modifications had to be made.

“I believe that it affected all of us in the music industry, however it is not a complaint, I am very grateful to God because I honestly cannot complain, really”, He mentioned.

The interpreter of Through the glass He explained that during the time that he was part of the project, he realized the value it has for both the contestants and the public, since he considered that the reality show served as a platform to show a part of his personality that few knew and emphasized what Throughout the recordings, he always enjoyed his stay on the program to the fullest.

Germán Montero (Photo: Instagram / @ germanmontero5)
Germán Montero (Photo: Instagram / @ germanmontero5)

It gives us the opportunity for people to know us, not how celebrities but as human beings. It also gives us the opportunity to get the best of ourselves as people but also the worst; it’s a double-edged sword because you forget the cameras […] we have the opportunity to enjoy ourselves, ”he said.

On the other hand, during the same interview that Sylvia Pasquel gave for the morning of Tv Azteca, she spoke about the impression left on her by the final of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico, where your daughter Stephanie Salas It was listed as one of the favorites to win the reality show. The actress recognized the work that Germán Montero did, but in a certain way hinted that she was not satisfied with the result.

“Germán is a good cook, he made very delicious things, but obviously he is not going to put it into practice. Hopefully that money donates it to a foundation or something […] I think he is not going to continue with this chef wave like Stephanie is going to do“, He said.

(Capture: @ sylviapasqueloficial / Instagram)
(Capture: @ sylviapasqueloficial / Instagram)

In addition, Pasquel posted a moving photograph that was taken with Stephanie in the finale of the reality show. Along with the postcard, the native of Mexico City left an extensive message for her daughter, where she said she was very proud of the woman she is and praised her gastronomic talent.

At last they met another virtue, your passion for cooking. Your recipes and your intuition were manifest. I wish they could try your pastas, your pancakes, your French bread, or your delicious coffee in the morning in my little Acapulco paradise. You are already a winner and with more experience ”, he wrote.


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