Gero Arias ends his 365-day pull-up challenge on day 281 due to bloody hands and unbearable pain

Gero Arias receives medical treatment for hand infections after abandoning his fitness challenge, taking his time to reflect on the future.

Gero Arias, a TikTok influencer known by his handle @geroooo_arias, embarked on a physically demanding journey at the dawn of 2023: a year-long pull-up challenge. His objective was simple yet brutal—to perform a cumulative number of pull-ups, starting with just one on January 1 and increasing by one each day until he reached 365 pull-ups on December 31.

However, his journey ended abruptly on day 281, a shortfall of just 130 pull-ups for that day’s goal of 281. The culprit? His hands, which were so ravaged that they were covered in blood, forced him to leave the challenge.

Gero Arias (Instagram | @geroooo_arias).
Gero Arias (Instagram | @geroooo_arias).

The Toll on Arias

In videos he shared on his social media accounts, Arias described an “unbearable pain” that hampered his efforts, no matter how determined he was. “The blood wouldn’t let me hold on to the pull-up bar,” he said. Arias’ hands ultimately gave out, unable to support the increasing weight of the year-long challenge.

Arias took to TikTok to mark the day, posting:

“Day 281/365 the last day of the challenge🥺.” ♬ original sound – Slr_lyrics


Día 281/365 el ultimo día del reto🥺

♬ sonido original – Slr_lyrics

Arias is now facing a subsequent challenge—physical recovery. His hands contracted an infection from open wounds, prompting immediate medical treatment. As he receives medical care, Arias contemplates his next steps, using this pause to think about his future ventures.

Gero Arias' 365 days of pull-ups challenge (Instagram | @geroooo_arias).
Gero Arias’ 365 days of pull-ups challenge (Instagram | @geroooo_arias).

The end of Arias’ year-long pull-up saga may have been characterized by physical struggle and an emotional toll.

Still, it also marked the beginning of a different kind of journey: recovery, reflection, and preparation for future challenges.

Gero Arias takes some time to think about the future while he recovers from his hands (Instagram | Screenshot).
Gero Arias takes some time to think about the future while he recovers from his hands (Instagram | Screenshot).