Get to know Ixtapan del Oro! It has waterfalls, ecotourism park, spa and hot springs in Edomex

If you have a free weekend with your family and would like to visit a special place without leaving the Mexico state or move far away from Mexico City, take note since the municipality of Ixtapan del Oro turns out to be a great opportunity.

surrounded by beautiful mountains, waterfalls and vegetationIxtapan del Oro is located 96 kilometers from Toluca and extends from the western central part of the Mexican territory that borders the municipalities of Donato Guerra, Santo Tomás and Valle de Bravo.

This incredible destination offers visitors a connection with nature in places like the El Salto de Chihuahua Ecological Parkwhich has a beautiful waterfall over 50 meters high, whose fall forms a natural pool that attendees can enjoy.

Nearby is the Las Salinas Spawhere crystalline springs are born that feed a pool and a wading pool of hot springs with a temperature of 30 degrees. The site has cabin area and another with perfect conditions for camping.

In addition, the area offers excellent country facilities with tables, grills, benches, idyllic trails and an unparalleled camping area with your family or friends if that’s you outdoor weekend plan.

With a great tourist vocation, the town of Ixtapan del Oro stands out among the greenery of the ravine where it is located, its red tiled houses and cobbled and cobbled streets that converge in its main square.

It highlights a 19th century kiosk and a pre-Hispanic sculpture found in the place “El Pedregal”. lovers of religious tourism they will find the Church of San Miguel Arcangelwith its open atrium, marks a clear precedent that it was built in the 16th century.

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You cannot leave Ixtapan del Oro without trying its rich gastronomy: ash tamales, pulque bread, pit barbecuechicken and turkey mole, fritters, humble, wild bramble atole and popsicles, guava atole, among other dishes and drinks.

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