Get to know the mansion in Cancun that ex-footballer Hugo Sánchez has

Several stars of entertainment and sports took advantage of the last days of 2021 to enjoy sunny afternoons with their families and rest. That is what the ex-footballer did Hugo Sanchez, who He shared with his wife and twin daughters a few days at the beach in Cancun.

The The 63-year-old Mexican’s mansion is located in Quintana Roo, on Marlin beach. There the whole family enjoyed the sea and the white sand.

According the photos broadcast by TVNotas the player’s daughters, Isabella and Hanna, went down without hesitation to the beach while their father watched them from the property.

What has been reported in different media is that this house had not been visited by the family since 2019, sure because of the covid-19 pandemic. But this place has belonged to Sánchez for several years.

This vacation home has eight bedrooms, seven baths, foyer, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, game room, pools, hot tubs, balconies, incredible views of the sea and other amenities.

The mansion has no more and no less than six floors. In addition to the amenities already mentioned, there are two statues on the property that refer to what is considered the best Mexican soccer player.

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