Getting vaccinated is scary and not doing it too

Feeling that we were recovering little by little “normality” of our daily life seemed to be the most delicious thing that has happened so far in 2021; After spending 2020 locked up and wondering when we would travel again, meet friends and hug.

And just when we began to enjoy all this and to walk smiling down the street without wearing an uncomfortable mask, we woke up with the news that instead of defeating the pandemic, “we are going backwards like a crab.” COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are breaking records.

As I write this column, the United States exceeds 35 million cases and my state, Florida, is the new epicenter of coronavirus. More than ever, the medical community tries to convince those who are still “running away from the puncture.”

And while many insist on blaming, I do not judge the half of the population that refuses to be vaccinated, because the unknown causes fear and anxiety. With so many studies and rumors that come out every day on social networks it is “to go crazy.” Some are concerned that it affects fertility, others that menstruation is delayed, some think that the pandemic is a conspiracy, while the vast majority are concerned that no vaccine has yet been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Federation) . When I got vaccinated months ago, I thought about it a thousand times; I was also concerned about “hidden effects” in the short and long term, but trust the science.

And it is that, it is scary to be vaccinated, but it is more terrifying to die completely only in an intensive care room. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet for one reason or another, I respect your decision.

But if you are undecided, based on the testimony of those who have been seriously ill for not having been vaccinated, I recommend you reflect on the following situation and ask yourself a question. Think for a moment that in the worst case, you would have to be hospitalized and intubated because of COVID-19. In the midst of fatigue and despair to perish alone; Would you regret not having been vaccinated? The answer will guide you to make the decision your heart dictates.

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