Ghislaine Maxwell asks to be called “Mrs. Maxwell ”during his trial

The defense of Ghislaine Maxwell filed a motion for his client, accused of recruiting girls and adolescents to Jeffrey Epstein, be called “Mrs. Maxwell“Instead of” the accused “during the trial against her.

Lawyer Christian everdell made the request during the hearing this Saturday morning, as Manhattan prosecutors discussed the language that will be included in Judge Alison Nathan’s instructions to the jury.

Everdell explained that his team had located the specific points for the child sex trafficking charge where they required to swap the way they referred to Maxwell.

The trial against Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking of minors began on November 27 in the federal court of Brooklyn, amid great expectations, as some already consider it the trial of the decade.

An unusual request

Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in July 2020. Maxwell faces eight charges and more than 70 years in prison.

Expert lawyers told The New York Post that Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense petition could be something never seen before, and it would be a way in which they seek to humanize her after the harsh statements of Jeffrey Epstein’s witnesses and survivors.

“They are trying to make her look human. As a person rather than the cold description of “accused,” which also makes her sound like a criminal, “said attorney Jeffrey Lichtman, who has represented Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán.

“At the end of the day, it’s a subtle way to sway the jury. But no one is acquitted or convicted for it. However, every time a defense attorney goes to great lengths to win a case, it is something new, ”he added.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

Maxwell faces eight charges and more than 70 years in prison.

In AmericanPost.News We have reported several of the statements of victims who claim to have been harassed, assaulted or sexually abused by the financial mogul Jeffrey Epstein, and that Maxwell provided them.

A documentary recently published on Discovery + shows Ghislaine Maxwell talking about her obsession with Jeffrey Epstein after her father introduced them and despite knowing about his sexual fetishes, his acting as a pedophile and his fraudulent style in the business world. .

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