Gianluca Vacchi has COVID-19 but is criticized, some say he lies

An Instagram story confirmed that Gianluca Vacchi has COVID-19. The businessman and DJ himself, spoke about the treatment he is taking, however many criticisms came about it.

“Hey guys, COVID day 4, I’m washing and cleaning my blood” Vacchi said while filming the professional who was in charge of said procedure, something they criticized since she was not wearing a mask, which led to thinking that she is lying about the illness.

The eccentric man revealed how is the treatment with which he is cleaning his system of COVID-19. In the video, he said that he is in Miami, the city where he welcomed the New Year with his partner, the model Sharon Fonseca and their little daughter, Blu Jerusalema.

Gianluca Vacchi has COVID-19

Ozone therapy could be useful for the treatment of coronavirus infection.

Gianluca Vacchi has COVID-19, the health expert who treats him indicated that had injected a quantity of ozone into the businessman’s blood and that this would have great benefits to the immune system of his patient.

Gianluca Vacchi, who is 54 years old, said that with this therapy, he would have a “faster and better” recovery.

And according to the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, the ozone therapy could be useful for the treatment from coronavirus infection, but only a doctor can recommend and thoroughly explain its benefits, which is why we believe that, before undergoing such a procedure, Vacchi took advice.

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca

It is not known if Gianluca Vacchi’s family also contracted the virus.

The Venezuelan model has not made any publication about it in her profile. The last post she made was about New Years, a holiday he celebrated with his family.

So far it is only known that Gianluca Vacchi has COVID-19, however, it happened together with Sharon Fonseca, her partner, and her daughter, little Blu, New Year.