Gigi Hadid is fully on board with the hottest trend of the summer

Gigi Hadid recently shared a picture dump on Insta in August and eagle-eyed followers discovered the controversial mode. We speak about Crocs, folks. People. Yeah, those comfy Normcore bastions worn by nurses, art instructors, and Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber, as well as supermodels.

Look, I’m pro-Croc (the fashion team from Cosmo has already been discussing the subject), but these slip-off shoes seem to constantly split people. Something like the renowned (infamous?) spreading yeast extract, Marmite — love or hatred. Sometimes Crocs receive an important fashion makeover, but they’re also the shoe your aunty is gardening in, and your 3-year-old nephew drips from its Cornetto melting. They’re a fact I’m fascinated with for celebs and everyone.

Clicking on the slides below, Gigi is busy riding horses, picking Zayn peppers, swimming, and generally enjoying nice healthy outdoor activities. Which Crocs, IMO, are ideal for. (Once again, if we haven’t previously established that super-pro-Croc here). In slide 8 we observe a tiny crop of newly chosen vegetables that are resting beside salmon-colored Crocs. I think the little pair might belong to Gigi’s kid, Khai, although perhaps they’re a tadddd too large for a just a year old.

In the final slide, we see who Gigi probably is, sporting the white crocs of blue pants and a soft sweater attached to her waist, and enjoying the flowers. Too adorable. Too cute. Since they are waterproof, you may only spray the garden soil directly, covered in ventilation holes. It’s better than to dirty a pair of sneakers. You’re a Crocs fan, what do you think?