Gino Pesaressi after returning to EEG: “I’m at my best, I kill anyone there”

IT PUT FLOWERS. Gino Pesaressi declared this Saturday for ‘You are in All’ and spoke of his return to This is War, which this year celebrates a decade of creation. The host of ‘On everyone’s lips’ was enthusiastic about his return to reality competition.

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“We have been remembering many funny things, especially my phrases,” said the young model about the promotion he recorded with Yako Eskenazi, Natalie Vértiz, Sully Sáenz and Jazmín Pinedo.

He also assured that he is in his best physical moment. “I kill anyone there, but you have to give the new kids the opportunity to show their talent,” said Gino Pesaressi for ‘You are in all’.


The reporter of You are in All came to the recording studios and spoke with the protagonists of the program, including the model and actress Sully Sáenz, who released a phrase to remember. “It has been a reunion like the Casa de Papel, where the team is united again ”, he said for the cameras of the Saturday program.

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He also indicated that although each one has been busy with their work and families, they always stayed close. “Everything to come is very exciting”he limited, at the same time that he showed the envelopes where the names of the new members of EEG would be.


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