Girl sells jewelry made of semen, yes, body fluids

A girl sells jewelry made of semenaction that has made it viral on the TikTok platform since its art is quite peculiar.

It is a Canadian artist, called Amanda Booth, who shares all kinds of jewelry on the social network: necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. What is their peculiarity? they are made of semen.

Without a doubt, the fact of knowing what the raw material is has generated a new field of buyers interested in these jewels.

Girl sells jewelry made of semen

In tastes genres are broken and for every market there is a supplier, for example this girl sells jewelry made of semen. The semen has to be dehydrated before the process.

According to Amanda, it all started as a joke after her clients made her this curious suggestion, so she tried to do it first with her husband’s semen and saw that it was possible to make jewelry with this liquid.

And as mentioned above AmericanPost.News, for all tastes there is someone who has what you are looking for and sells itthat is why Amanda has not stopped receiving requests to make different figures based on semen.

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How is semen jewelry made?

The semen has to be dehydrated before the process.

Amanda recounted part of the process, where she said that once the semen reaches her workshop, samples are dehydrated, pulverized and finally incorporates them into the requested products.

But beyond semen, Amanda says that she also takes advantage of other types of fluids from the human body, such as breast milk, the ashes of a cremated person, fur and even strands of hair.

And as expected, this unusual activity has caused his videos to go viral to the point that he already has almost 6 million views.

Now, since the girl sells jewelry made of semen, has only one conditionthat the clients seal the semen in a container and bag it twice so that it does not spill in the process.

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