Girl victim of bullying has arrived home beaten and without eyelashes

A girl from Argentina is not only beaten by her classmates, but her eyelashes have been cut.

Photo: CARL DE SOUZA/Getty Images

In Argentina, the case of a minor, victim of bullyinghas gone viral due to the strong complaint that the mother of the family identified as Laura Balbuena has made before the media in her country.

Tired of being ignored by school authorities, the desperate mother pointed out that her 10-year-old daughter, who has been identified as Karina, Not only is she mistreated and beaten by her classmates, but she has even come home without eyelashes because other minors have cut them off.

The minor, who is a student at School 26 in the town of Abasto, told Balbuena that at least three other minors are in charge of making life difficult for him.

“Three get together and step on his feet. Also (my daughter) He told me that they cut his hair and even his eyelashes”, Balbuena pointed out before a television program in his country.

Laura Balbuena, 36 years old and a nurse by profession, indicated that her daughter has never reacted to the aggression of her classmates out of fear for something else to happen to him, therefore, he does not tell his teacher what he is experiencing.

Given the facts, Balbuena went to school to try to fix the bullying problem that her daughter is experiencing, but she has not had an answer, which is why she has made the case public.

“My daughter doesn’t want to go to school. When I went (to school) they made me wait 40 minutes, they didn’t attend me and I had to go to work. They told me that they were going to summon me and it was there, in the nothing. I expected something else, that they would tell me ‘look, we are talking to the relatives (of your daughter’s aggressors) we are going to take care of it’, but that did not happen”, Laura Balbuena.

According to the mother of the family, her daughter has been a victim of bullying for five years and she thinks she knows why: “Karina has the illusion of being a model and likes to imitate the professionals, which is usually a reason for ridicule and aggression by some colleagues.”

My daughter doesn’t want to go to school story. And she continued, “She has been bullied since first grade. She is now in fifth grade and I’m tired of making her miss. I have training and she complicates my work. Also, I want to alert this situation before something worse happens.”

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