Girl was sexually abused by a Montana man who apologizes through Facebook

The minor received an apology from her attacker through Facebook

Photo: Luisella Planeta Leoni / Pixabay

Doe is a 14-year-old girl who has been living at her uncle’s house in Missoula for a few weeks. On the night of February 19, her relative organized a party where her guests drank a lot of alcohol and suffered sexual harassment and abuse from one of them, the teenager told the police officers.

The city police received a call for help, when the agents arrived at the house they talked with Doe, who said he felt bad about the aggression he had received at dawn and told police that Nyibe Jordan Nguyen had raped her.

The events occurred on the night of February 19 during a party, one of her uncle’s guests, who was Nguyen, touched the girl’s breasts and crotch. When she decided to go to her room, the man reached her to the place to grab her by the neck and call her “annoyance”, at the same time that he took off his pants.

The young woman left her room and waited for Nguyen to leave, when he returned thinking that he was gone, the 23-year-old man took her by force and sexually abused her. During the course of February 20, Doe wrote Nguyen on Facebook Messenger to complain about what he had done to him.but the man replied only asking for an apology.

The authorities reviewed the messages and confirmed that he had apologized, in addition to writing to block him from the application and delete all messages from that conversation. With the evidence, Nyibe Jordan Nguyen was arrested and accused of sexual abuse of a minor.

The defendant is being held at the Missoula Jail on $100,000 bond. The agents questioned him in questioning about what he did to Doe and he simply said that he had not had sexual contact with the teenager. On March 7 he must appear in the Court of Justice.

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