Girlfriend Benito Nerea Godínez cannot tell her son of death.

  • Nerea Godínez shared a heartbreaking letter where she revealed the whole truth
  • Octavio Ocaña’s fiancee also revealed unpublished videos of the young actor
  • “May time teach me to live a life without you”

“Benito’s” girlfriend, Nerea Godínez reveals that she cannot tell her son about the death of his “dad”. In a heartbreaking letter she posted on Instagram, Nerea Godínez explained that she has not found a way to explain to her son the absence of Octavio Ocaña, whom she considered as his father, points out El Universal.

Nerea accompanied the publication with a video in which it is seen that the actor tries to teach the little one, with whom he lived as a family, to use skates. “I would like to find the correct way to explain to our Child your absence, the lack that you will make in our day to day, that his” papa tavo “is not going to return home”, wrote “Benito’s” girlfriend.

The girlfriend of “Benito” Nerea Godínez reveals an emotional video of the actor with his ‘son’

PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

“Maybe he still doesn’t understand the meaning of what happened, he will simply never see you again and that makes my broken heart break even more,” continued Octavio Ocaña’s hurt fiancée. The young woman also asks the actor to accompany her in her dreams to fulfill all her wishes.

“You came into our life to stay and so it will be, although now in another way, in any way, please I ask you not to leave us, to follow me in my dreams so that there we can fulfill all that we long for so much”, reads the heartbreaking Instagram post with over a million views.

The emotional video after the brutal murder of “Benito”

The emotional video after the brutal murder of
PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

The news shook the Mexicans this weekend, and is that the murder of the famous actor Octavio Ocaña who played “Benito” in the series “Neighbors” on Televisa remains unclear and leaves many doubts. Just on Saturday, October 30, the death of Ocaña was confirmed, who gave life to “Benito” in the Mexican production “Neighbors”

His character was a small and friendly boy who, ironically, did not want to be an actor but his parents did the ‘unthinkable’ to convince him and make him succeed in the world of acting. There are many versions about what happened, and now, the death of “Benito” raises more doubts since it was discovered that he supposedly asked for help in an audio before being assassinated.

“Hopefully time will teach me to live a life without you,” said Octavio Ocaña’s hurt girlfriend

PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

“Hopefully time will teach me to live a life without you, for now I will have to manage my mornings without your hug, my afternoons without our very special way of having fun and my nights without your warmth to wrap me up and feel safe. I love you for all my life my precious king ”, ends the heartbreaking message from“ Benito ”girlfriend Nerea Godínez.

Octavio Ocaña asked Nerea Godínez to marry him last June, says El Universal. Since the death of the actor, Nerea has shared heartfelt tributes in regretting his departure. Throughout their courtship, both she and he constantly posted photos of their life as a couple.

“You’re killing me inside, daddy”, the girlfriend of “Benito” Nerea Godínez, publishes another emotional video of the actor

PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

This was not the only publication of the famous actor’s girlfriend on Instagram. Later, she dedicated a special video full of moments with which, she hoped, would become her husband. “You are killing me inside daddy … so many things that I did not tell you,” he wrote in the header of the video he posted on the social network.

The video made on Tiktok lasts just over a minute and in it you can see moments that he lived with the renowned Mexican comedian. At the time of writing this note, the video has reached 900,000 views and was filled with supportive comments for the girlfriend of “Benito” Nerea Godínez.

The video shows never-before-seen images of the famous Mexican comedian

The video showed never-before-seen images of the famous Mexican comedian
PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

“I can no longer with so much sadness”, “a lot of beautiful strength”, “justicia for Octavio Ocaña “,” tI embrace with the soul, we all want it to be different ”,“ I raise my prayers and light a candle for eternal light and to strengthen the pain in your soul ”, they commented to the bride in the emotional video.

The short video showed images of various moments, disguised, dancing and enjoying a band, from a boat in the sea, from a plane flight, in the gym and until the moment where Octavio Ocaña is seen celebrating with the T-shirt of his favorite team, all with the song “Tears in Heaven” by Boyce Avenue.

Did Benito ask for help in an audio before he was killed?

Did Benito ask for help in an audio before he was killed?
PHOTO Instagram Nerea Godínez

“The purest and sincere love, my deepest condolences, may God have him in his glory, we will miss his occurrences as Benito”, “que sadness, they let him die, justice for Octavio Ocaña ”,“ eres so strong he always remains in our hearts ”, commented other users. TO SEE THE EMOTIVE VIDEOS CLICK HERE AND HERE.

On the other hand, it was the Show News medium, who picked up a video explaining about this supposed help audio. In the video it is mentioned that supposedly, “Benito” asked for help in an audio when being persecuted by his attackers. The help audio was supposedly obtained from the cell phone of the young Mexican comedian, according to the video of just over two minutes from the channel “Entérate con Víctor”.

What did Benito say when he asked for help in an audio?

What did Benito say when he asked for help in an audio?

Many versions have emerged since the brutal murder of the famous actor became known. At first it was said that he died instantly after the attack, but images released shortly after showed Octavio Ocaña before his death, in the driver’s seat of his truck.

The above, while his companions were detained by the Mexican authorities. The young actor rose to fame with his iconic character on the series, where he continued to appear in its most recent season. According to the aforementioned video, Benito asked the authorities for help.

They reveal what “Benito” said about “Neighbors” when he asked for help in a supposed audio

They reveal what Benito said when he asked for help in a supposed audio

“Audio comes out of Octavio Ocaña” Benito “from” Vecino “where he asked for help and they were chasing him,” says the man in the video. On the death of Octavio Ocaña, a 22-year-old actor loved by the public through his character of Benito Rivers in Neighbors, she is surrounded by confusing and contradictory versions, according to Agencia Reforma.

“The authorities have already found Octavio Ocaña’s cell phone where an alleged audio comes out calling the authorities, saying that they were chasing him that he needed help, giving him the address where he was fleeing from those who were chasing him,” says the man in the video where Benito allegedly asked for audio help before he was killed.

Was it the cops who killed him? Emerge ‘evidence’ and details of how the actor came in his truck

Was it the cops who killed him?  Emerge 'evidence' and details of how the actor came in his truck

The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) confirmed that he died on Friday from a shot to the head, which he received while driving his truck, but the details of the death were not clarified.
The first reports indicated that he died on the highway near Cuautitlán Izcalli.

The version released by the FGJEM says that police officers stopped the vehicle on the Chamapa-Lechería route but that he accelerated to escape. He was traveling with two other people aboard the van and it was later discovered who they were. The authorities indicated that they were drunk, according to Agencia Reforma.

It crashed but remained alive, according to a recent video that came to light

It crashed but remained alive, according to a recent video that came to light

“One of the companions declared that the driver was carrying a firearm, which he had taken from the glove compartment of the vehicle. During the chase, the driver lost control of the unit and it crashed on the side of the road, “said the prosecution, the images of the impacted car emerged on Friday night on social networks.

“Place where the driver was found with a firearm injury to the head and the two companions were secured by elements of the municipal police,” said the FGJEM. Another version indicated that the two men who accompanied Ocaña had tried to assault him.