Girlfriend Octavio Ocaña Spirit. He reveals that the actor ‘appeared’ to him.

  • “Benito’s” fiancée talks about the ‘apparition’
  • He confessed how he continues with his day to day
  • The death of the Televisa actor shocked all of Mexico

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend assures that the spirit of the murdered actor manifested itself. Almost a month after the brutal incident where Octavio Ocaña died, his ex-fiancee, Nerea Godínez, has broken the silence and spoken about alleged “appearances” of the murdered actor in her home.

Octavio’s girlfriend spoke to the cameras of the “De Primera Mano” program with the Mexican journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante and revealed that “Benito” had appeared at her house. Nerea Godínez revealed how she was and felt with the manifestation of her ex-fiance at her home.

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend assures that the spirit of the murdered actor manifested itself and reveals how it was


“I am fine, as far as possible, I am trying to continue with my day to day, I would not tell you that with my life,” said Nerea Godínez, the young ex-fiancee of Octavio Ocaña who has attracted the attention of social networks from the terrible death of the actor of the famous Televisa series “Neighbors”.

In the short interview that was published on social networks, Nerea Godínez confessed that her ex-fiance’s sister has been very supportive of her. “I go hand in hand a lot with Bertha (Octavio Ocaña’s sister) … we see each other almost daily … that has helped me a lot,” he revealed.

Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend reveals that his spirit was manifested

Octavio Ocaña's girlfriend reveals that his spirit was manifested
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When asked if she had felt the presence of her ex-boyfriend after the fatal death, the young woman answered firmly. “Yes, it was already present.” The brutal accident has led to demonstrations and demands for justice. The Government of Cuautitlán Izcalli suspended three municipal police officers linked to the case of Octavio Ocaña.

She was also asked how the man who would become her husband and tragically died after being pursued by Mexican police officers had told her. “He opened doors for me, he threw things at me,” said Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend when revealing the manifestation of his spirit.

The bride was the only one to whom Octavio Ocaña ‘manifested’ himself in spirit

The bride was the only one to whom Octavio Ocaña 'manifested' himself in spirit
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The suspended agents were present the day the actor’s death was reported, after a chase and crash that occurred on the Chamapa-Lechería highway in the municipality of Atizapán de Zaragoza. In addition, a police officer was separated from her post after being exhibited in videos with a chain that belonged to the actor, says Agencia Reforma.

“Almost all of us have already been present,” said the former fiancee of Octavio Ocaña. The reporter asked her if she had felt fear during the supposed appearance of “Benito”, to which the ex-fiancee answered sharply that she had. “At first yes, but later I calmed down … and I said it is probably him,” he said.

He talks about the attacks he suffered after the death of “Benito”

He talks about the attacks he suffered after the death of
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The City Council where Ocaña died had previously defended the police officers involved, who, according to the municipal public security directorate, had acted according to protocol. “The unfortunate event that occurred in the municipal territory has generated various reactions on social networks,” said the authorities.

After the tragic event, a series of scandals and attacks have involved the ex-fiancee of “Benito”, who defended himself in the interview for “De Primera Mano” noting that he no longer wanted to carry out interviews that he had to go to and that he gave it for having ‘found’ it.

Reveals why she no longer wants to give an interview and breaks the silence on video naked from bed

Reveals why she no longer wants to give an interview and breaks the silence on video naked from bed
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In addition, he revealed the reason why he preferred not to give interviews anymore. “I don’t know how to handle it, I prefer to take my distance … continue my normal life by publishing my things,” said Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend after revealing the appearance of the actor’s spirit. Nerea Godínez also responded to rumors that it had to do with the death of “Benito.”

“At first it was a shock,” began the ex-fiancee, who later spoke of the video where she answered these rumors and the controversy that was sparked by appearing half-naked and from the bed. “I was waking up, I turned on the phone and it was the first thing I saw, and the first thing that came to mind was to record myself,” he said before the cameras of the Imagen TV program.

“People do not understand that this is not easy”, Nerea Godínez breaks the silence

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“It is the first video of my life in which he recorded me speaking,” said Nerea Godínez, explaining the difficulties she has gone through as a result of the death of Octavio Ocaña. “People do not understand that this is not easy, that I do not look for this, that I do not have to see logically,” he told the reporter.

“Day by day this is getting more and more,” wrote Nerea Godínez, Octavio Ocaña’s ex-fiancée, two weeks ago. It was during a police chase that Ocaña died, after colliding with his truck on a highway in Cuautitlán Izcalli and being shot in the head.

She says she is ‘attached’ to the fans of Octavio Ocaña

She says she is 'attached' to the fans of Octavio Ocaña
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In addition to dedicating himself to acting, the 22-year-old always demonstrated his passion for soccer, a sport he dedicated himself to for many years, even pausing his work on the sets. Ocaña, who played Benito Rivers on the show “Neighbors” for more than a decade, also belonged to a local soccer team.

“I clung to Octavio’s fans who now adopted me as my fans,” said Nerea Godínez at the end of the interview made by “De Primera Mano”. The players from Octavio Ocaña’s local team paid tribute to him during the last game they played, according to Agencia Reforma.

“It broke me to return to your happy place,” says Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend about a special tribute

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His family and his fiancee were present at the emotional moment and Nerea shared some details on her Instagram account. “It broke me to return to your happy place and hear how wonderful they talk about you, everyone will love you so much for a lifetime, because you marked the life of each person who crossed your path,” Godínez wrote and accompanied the publication with images and videos.

The team had a canvas made with several moments of Octavio on the court, and everyone wore a shirt with the name and number of Ocaña’s player. The front of the game shirt had an illustration of God kissing the young man, which has been used by the family in other events such as marches and recognitions.

They demand justice for “Benito” and honor him ‘in a big way’

They demand justice for

“I will admire you all my life my king, I will go hand in hand with your sister, my child and our entire family (my beautiful in-laws, Anita, Beto, etc. ..) until the end of the world for you and for you.” After the death of Octavio Ocaña, the Prosecutor’s Office ruled in a statement that he had accidentally shot himself after hitting his vehicle; however, the family points to the authorities as responsible.

In social networks a movement called #JusticiaParaOctavio has risen and on November 7 a march was held to demand that the authorities clarify the situation. A couple of days ago they paid him a tribute in a well-known plaza in Mexico City, according to Agencia El Universal.

“Day by day all this is getting more and more”

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In this tribute he was awarded a star in the hall of lights and has also been recognized by actors such as Mane de la Parra and Ana Brenda Conteras. “Day by day all this is getting more and more common, one realizes that you are simply no longer going to cross the door of our house and run to give me kisses to greet me. I love you my love and it will always be like that ”, wrote Nerea.

The parents of the ‘Neighbors’ actor, Octavio Ocaña come to visit him in his grave and record a video with which a detail is discovered that even the followers noticed and they give them a series of warning before something bad happens, this after the man uploaded the material to his Instagram account, but it was leaked by Debate. TO SEE THE INTERVIEW WITH OCTAVIO OCAÑA DÉ’S BRIDE CLICK HERE.

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