Girls Aloud singer dies: After battle with cancer, singer dies

  • Successful singer Sarah Harding passed away from complications due to breast cancer
  • Her mother was the one who announced the singer’s departure, through social networks
  • “It gave her comfort to know that she was loved,” Sarah’s mother said in the statement.

Regrettable departure! Sarah Harding, the Girls Aloud singer, died of breast cancer that had plagued her for a year, at the age of 39. Through a statement on Instagram, her mother announced the departure and noted that she appreciated all the displays of affection they had provided her daughter.


Sarah’s mother pointed out that her daughter left with the consolation of knowing that she was very loved. Sarah confessed in the middle of last year that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, but unfortunately it had already spread to other parts of the body and it was in March that her doctor mentioned that she would probably not make it until next Christmas.

Girls Aloud singer dies: A regrettable loss

Girls Aloud singer dies: A regrettable loss
Photo: Instagram

Sarah Harding, the British singer who stood out for her participation in the Girls Aloud band, passed away today from breast cancer that afflicted her for a while. His mother was in charge of revealing the shocking news that overshadowed the British music community and left more than one person saddened.

Friends and colleagues have expressed their feelings through social networks. In the publications, they send the last goodbye to the singer and also share the most special moments they lived by her side, pointing out that they missed her presence and that they hope that her story will serve other people who are struggling with the disease. Filed Under: Girls Aloud Singer Dies

Girls Aloud singer dies: “My daughter left”

Girls Aloud singer dies: "My daughter left"
Photo: Instagram

In social networks, it was where the death of the 39-year-old British singer was announced. Mrs. Marie Hardman, Sarah’s mother, announced that she had left today after a long fight against the disease that had afflicted her for a couple of years; Unfortunately, the Girls Aloud singer already knew that the year would not end.

A message from Sarah’s mother: ‘It is with deep anguish that today, I share the news that my beautiful daughter Sarah has sadly passed away.’ the departure of the young singer who unfortunately lost the battle against cancer. Filed Under: Girls Aloud Singer Dies

Girls Aloud singer dies: “A tough battle”

Girls Aloud singer dies: "A tough battle"
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Both Sarah and her family knew the risks of her breast cancer. Before leaving, in one of her last appearances in the media, she confessed that she was aware of how little time she had left alive; Still, it never ceases to amaze how aggressive and ruthless the illness took the British woman’s life.

Many of you will know about Sarah’s battle with cancer and that she fought so hard from her diagnosis to her last day. that disease but unfortunately he had not managed to overcome. Filed Under: Girls Aloud Singer Dies

Girls Aloud singer dies: “He left peacefully”

Girls Aloud singer dies: "She left peacefully"
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Marie Hardman, in the letter she made to communicate Sarah’s departure, announced that it was this morning when she had given her last breath and they were able to say goodbye to the former member of the Girls Aloud band. Although it was a very strong blow for the family, the lady thanked her daughter’s fans for the support she had obtained by confessing the illness she was going through.

She passed away peacefully this morning. I would like to thank everyone for their kind support during the past year. ”Sarah’s mother mentioned on social networks, reporting on her daughter’s departure and clarifying that she had not suffered when she left. It was last year that he admitted that he had been diagnosed with such a disease. Filed Under: Girls Aloud Singer Dies

Singer Girls Aloud dies: “It gave her great comfort to know that she was loved”

Girls Aloud singer dies: "It gave her great comfort to know that she was loved"
Photo: Instagram

Sarah Harding, the former member of Girls Aloud left this world, taking into account that for many people she was someone extremely important. When she announced that she had breast cancer, there was no shortage of affection that guaranteed her the affection of the people who kept an eye on her health.

“It meant a lot to Sarah and it gave her great strength and comfort to know that she was loved.” Mrs. Marie Hardman communicated in the letter they published on Instagram, where she was accompanied by a photograph of Sarah, which was from the last sessions photographs that she made on the occasion of her autobiographical book that came out in March. Filed Under: Girls Aloud singer dies

“It was a bright star”

"It was a bright star"
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Sarah’s mother makes a special request to the community that followed her daughter and of course, to her colleagues and friends. Marie Hardman, asked that her daughter be remembered for the singer she was and the career she managed to make in UK pop music; not because of the illness that little by little took his life away.

“I know you don’t want to be remembered for her fight against this terrible disease; She was a bright star and I hope that’s how she can be remembered. – Marie x ”, Sarah’s mother finished the statement. Unfortunately, the British left at the age of 39 after complications that arose from her cancer.

Farewells to Sarah

Farewells to Sarah
Photo: Instagram

By announcing the unfortunate news of Sarah’s death, friends, colleagues and fans, have taken to social networks to offer their condolences and of course, express a word about what the singer meant in their lives. Of course, they have mentioned how devastated they are by the departure of the British; One of the people who quickly spoke of her departure was her friend and bandmate, Nadine Coyle.

I am absolutely devastated !! I can’t think of words that can express how I feel for this girl and what she means to me !! I know many of you will feel this way. For now, I can only be sending a lot of love. ”, The Girls Aloud singer wrote on her social media.

“A friendly person”

"A friendly person"
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Another of the UK personalities who extended their condolences to Sarah’s family was the television presenter Fearne Cotton. She wrote a farewell to the British singer on her Instagram profile, pointing out how she had met her and how she had always been a friendly person with her.

Rest in peace Sarah. My thoughts and prayers go out to Sarah’s family and friends today. I met Sarah many times over the years at the Live Lounge, Top of The Pops and Children In Need and she was always a kind, friendly and sparkling person who was a lot of fun to interview. A beautiful energy that we will miss very much. Prayers and more prayers. ”Said English presenter Fearne Cotton.

The fight against cancer

The fight against cancer
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Sarah disappeared from social networks for two years and when she returned it was to announce that she was in a constant struggle with the cancer that afflicted her. It was in August of last year that the singer expressed that she had been missing, but that it was for good reason; The young woman mentioned that she did not feel ready to share it until that moment.

Hello everyone, I hope everyone stays safe and sound during these uncertain times. I haven’t posted here for so long, thanks to everyone who has reached out to see how I’m doing, it really means a lot. I feel like now is the right time to share what has been going on. There is no easy way to say this and, actually, it does not even feel real writing this, but here it goes. ”, Was part of the statement that the actress and singer announced.

“I am fighting as hard as I can”

"I am fighting as hard as I can"
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The singer in the post mentioned that she was battling breast cancer that she had been diagnosed with earlier in the year. The British confessed that in mid-July 2020, her doctor had communicated the sad news that the cancer had metastasized to other parts of the body and there was not much chance of getting out alive.

Earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and a couple of weeks ago I received the devastating news that the cancer has spread to other parts of my body. I am currently undergoing weekly chemotherapy sessions and I am fighting as hard as I can, “he confessed through a post on Instagram.

“I keep a positive attitude”

"I keep a positive attitude"
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Although she was communicating devastating news, the singer and actress mentioned that she was staying as positive as possible with that diagnosis; All she asked was that they give her a few moments of privacy and in return she promised to keep her followers informed about any change in her health.

I am doing my best to stay positive and will keep you posted on how I am doing. In the meantime, I hope everyone understands and respects my request for privacy during this difficult time. Sending you all my love. ”Was how he mentioned his condition; Later, in March, he shared that his doctor had told him that he would not make it to the holidays.

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