Gisele Bündchen’s $11.5 million Surfside Miami mansion construction progresses swiftly after her split from Tom Brady

Gisele Bündchen acquires Miami home post-split; NFL star Tom Brady retains Indian Creek mansion. Both pursue individual architectural visions

In the wake of their separation, Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady appear to be navigating their new lives with grace and individual flair. The aftermath of their split, announced almost a year ago, hasn’t been marked by legal entanglements or property disputes but rather a display of individual tastes and continued success.

The exclusive ‘Page Six’ scoop revealed that Bündchen promptly purchased a $11.5 million residence in Surfside, Miami, Florida, following the official announcement of their split. The acquisition turned heads, not just for its price tag, but due to its proximity to the sea, which stands in direct contrast to the expansive mansion that the duo had been developing in Indian Creek, Florida. This Indian Creek property now remains solely in the hands of Brady.

This move by Bündchen is emblematic of her financial autonomy, ready to embark on a fresh chapter. In fact, whispers about the state of their marriage had been circulating for months prior to the official announcement. This was further evidenced when Bündchen was first spotted visiting the Surfside property back in August 2022.

Gisele Bündchen bought the property for $11.5 million / Photo: The Grosby Group.
Gisele Bündchen bought the property for $11.5 million / Photo: The Grosby Group.

Not content with merely purchasing, the supermodel took to reshaping her space. She initiated a comprehensive revamp, razing the original structure to pave the way for a new vision. Before the bulldozers moved in, she was seen collaborating with the esteemed interior designer, Constanza Collarte, fueling anticipation about the potential design marvels to come.

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Recent snapshots from The Grosby Group indicate that her residential project is swiftly taking shape, potentially outpacing the completion of Brady’s Indian Creek mansion. Yet, once the structural work wraps up, there’s still the intricate task of interior design, which is expected to garner significant attention from design aficionados.

Preliminary details hint at a two-story residence complete with multiple bedrooms, an expansive living area, dining space, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a laundry facility, among other features.

The outdoor space promises an inviting ambiance with lush greenery, a pristine swimming pool, a terrace, and numerous spots perfectly curated for quality time with loved ones.