Giselle Blondet: Everything that happened on her return to drive ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’

Giselle Blondet: Everything that happened on her return to drive ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’

Giselle Blondet with Greidys Gil and Migbelis Castellanos.

Photo: Univision / Univision

As we confirmed earlier, Giselle Blondet hosted this Sunday ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ And, as we promised, we bring you everything that happened on his return to what was his original position on the Univision reality show.

In support of Alejandra Espinoza, who is still resting, Gigi put on the driver’s dress and took the program forward,

Despite the fact that it began an hour later due to the chain’s commitment to the football game, ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina‘ from the beginning came out to win. With the participation of Farruko, up to that moment 11 candidates paraded down the catwalk to welcome Giselle Blondet, who this Sunday left her judge’s chair and put on the presenter’s dress.

“A really special program, You have already seen in networks that our dear Alejandra Espinoza has had a health situation, and today I have put on the driver’s dress to support you … From day one as I promised since I met youí “, were the words of Giselle who looked spectacular with her red evening dress.

Farruko in 'Nuestra Belleza Latina'

In addition to Giselle’s return to driving as in her beginnings, there were many expectations within the show: to know why the candidates had been surprised when entering the mansion; know who had chosen the public to seize the tenth key; know how they had done the extreme test whose coach was Marie Antoinette Collins; see if they continued the fights between Jomari Goyso and Adal Ramones; and know what they would be the two candidates in danger of elimination. Here we tell you everything.

Why were the candidates surprised when they entered the mansion? Osmel Sousa was not waiting for them as many speculated … The point was that the house was empty! Yes in this new season, the girls must earn, through challenges, the comforts in the mansion.

Divided into two groups, performed a physical test of which only the five, the winners, could enjoy sleeping in a bed and abandon the inflatable mattresses they had been given.

As it ended last week, key 10 still had no owner, lIt was time to choose the public between Dhanna Valentína and Fabien de la Concepción. The latter was the lucky one to get her pass to the mansion, while the Venezuelan said goodbye to the competition.

Fabien de la Concepción gets key 10

Through tears she told that she was surprisedgiven by the support of the public, and she dedicated it to her family who is in Cuba going through very difficult times. Of course, the hugs from Giselle returned, who could not contain herself and comforted her.

Giselle with Fabien de la Concepción

Just as we told you, Maria Antonieta Collins, prepared the girls for their extreme test: while one group was to report a fire, the other was struggling to deliver the news in the midst of a hurricane.

Presented by Migbelis Castellanos and the visit of Greidys Gil, the girls had to see the test live and awaits the verdict of the judges.

Giselle Blondet with Greidys Gil and Migbelis Castellanos

Most of them did not meet the expectations of the jury, this week made up of three of them: Daniella Álvarez, Adal Ramones and Jomari Goyso. What did they claim? That they will not take it seriously, that they put humor, that they were repetitive and above all, that they did not have word fluency when reporting.

However, there was a winner of the challenge, this was Sirey Moran, who will have prizes, 30 minutes with her cell phone on to talk with her people. Let us remember that once they enter the competition, cell phones and all kinds of communication with the outside world are taken away.

How was the relationship between Jomari and Adal?

Jomari Goyso and Adal Ramones

While they are not ‘best friends’, and neither of them claim to be, they had fewer differences than last Sunday where the fights were strong. But this time both, especially Ramones, decided to put a little cold cloth.

Past the extreme test and competition for comforts within the mansion, It was time to know those two candidates that the judges would sentence for the public to vote for one of them and eliminate the other.

But the surprise came when by decision of the jury, Adal Ramones announced that all were in danger. That it would not be them, but the public who was going to decide, among all of them, who should be the first to leave the competition. That is to say, of the 10 candidates, the one with the fewest votes, will say goodbye to the rest.

'Our Latin Beauty'

What will happen next Sunday? In addition to the fact that one of them will be eliminated, and only 9 will return to the mansion, Alejandra Espinoza will return to driving and Giselle Blondet to her judge’s chair with Daniella, Adal and Jomari.


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