Giselle Blondet reacts to questions about her kiss with Guillermo Dávila

Giselle Blondet starred in a telenovela with Guillermo Dávila more than 30 years ago.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

A follower of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ did not miss the opportunity to question Giselle Blondet, one of the hosts of the program, for the passionate kiss that occurred with Guillermo Dávila when the Venezuelan singer and actor visited the show a few days ago.

In a question and answer session, usual in the program, the Puerto Rican was told: “That kiss with Guillermo Dávila did not seem like a novel. Since when did you want to give him a real life kiss?”. She did not hesitate to answer.

“But what is that? I made a novel with him and it is a novel that. Not that I was thinking that I wanted to kiss her in real life, it happened… We hit it off. I was 21 years old when I made that novel… It was very nice”, Blondet detailed and pointed out that it is very nice that people remember the soap opera that Dávila and Blondet made many years ago in Venezuela, called “I will sing for you.”

The kiss took place while both were comfortably seated on a piece of furniture, Dávila sang and Blondet remembered that it was more than 30 years ago that they starred in the soap opera. And there it was that the Puerto Rican spoke of a kiss, which Dávila did not resist amid the reactions of those present in the studio.

“@giselleblondet and @guillermodavilaoficial give each other a tremendous kiss and set the #LaMesaCaliente studio on fire”, they said on the Instagram of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ when sharing this video that has many reactions.

“How beautiful the two really are… So many memories with the novel”, “What a nice reunion, I loved it” and “I love you from that novel, I would die if I didn’t watch it every night” are some of the comments left by viewers.

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