Giselle Blondet received an unexpected tongue kiss and wrinkled her face

Giselle Blondet

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Giselle Blondet, one of the hosts of ‘La Mesa Caliente’ on Telemundo. The presenter published a video on her Instagram account in which she shares a particular moment with a giraffe.

The driver had a carrot in her mouth and approached the giraffe so that it ate it. The animal approached Blondet and removed the carrot from his mouth with his tongue, but not before passing his entire tongue through his mouth and his instant reaction was to wrinkle his face and walk backwards.

“There are kisses and there are kissessss”, Blondet wrote to accompany this video on his Instagram account, which has already garnered more than 11,100 likes and more than 870 comments.

These are some of the messages that have been written to the driver: “My face when I think of my Ex hahahaha LOL”, “A taste does not hurt anyone”, “That’s what they call, a real lick” and “There are kisses with more tongue than others” are some of the comments left to the presenter.

On her Instagram account Giselle Blondet constantly shares the outfits she wears for Telemundo’s ‘La Mesa Caliente’. A few days ago, the driver wore a beautiful white dress with purple flower patterns.

“My look today @lamesacaliente is from the Colombian designer @argemirosierraoficial and I love it. I feel super feminine, elegant and delicate with him. I love every detail of the dress. What did you think? ”, It was the message that the driver wrote to accompany this video in which she takes a small turn in slow motion.

These are some of the comments left after this publication: “You don’t get old! How well are you holding up?” “I loved that dress and it was just beautiful,” “Beautiful woman! We love you, beautiful and precious Puerto Rican! God bless you” and “Your dress is very nice and it looks great on you”, are some of the messages that can be read in that publication.

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