Global spread of monkeypox may not be prevented, warns WHO

The Regional Office for Europe of the World Health Organization (WHO), ruled out that the measures against the COVID-19 pandemic are the same as those that can be taken against the rapid spread of the virus. monkey poxfor which they have recognized that they do not know if “its spread can be completely contained.”

These agency statements indicate that although there are some nations where there are more confirmed cases, the disease is spreading rapidly and without apparent control.

“At the moment, the response to monkeypox will not require the same measures that we need for COVID-19, the virus does not spread in the same way.”

Recently in AmericanPost.News we announced that there are already 200 cases of smallpox and the WHO has recognized that there is very little information about it.

Confirmed cases of monkeypox are isolated

Several people have died from this disease The disease is worrying everyone

In order to achieve a significant and urgent reduction, the people who were diagnosed with the rare disease were in isolation for a prolonged period and with effective contact tracing.

“Our goals are to contain this outbreak by stopping person-to-person transmission to the greatest extent possible.”

Currently, Kluge insists he doesn’t know for sure if the virus could easily spread from a person through semen or even vaginal fluids, nor could the virus persist in these bodily fluids for longer.

“We do know that most people who get monkeypox will have a mild, self-limited, but unpleasant illness.”

A specialist pointed out that it is practically impossible to get infected through the respiratory tract, so information campaigns have been dedicated to the situation.

What is monkeypox?

The disease is worrying everyone

It is a totally unusual disease, it is caused by the monkeypox virus, which has a structure related to that of the smallpox virus and causes a similar disease, although it is usually milder.

Portugal alone already has 100 cases of monkeypox, a figure that worries the country’s authorities since they do not know how the disease got here.

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