Gloria Estefan refused to appear in the 2020 Super Bowl, for fear of JLo and dieting in December

Gloria Estefan.

Photo: Arthur Holmes/Getty Images

The superbowl 2020 was held in Miami and featured two great Latin music stars –Jennifer Lopez Y Shakira-, to honor the cultural roots of the city. But if it had been up to those in charge of the NFL, the number of singers would have risen to three.

Gloria Estefan has now confirmed the rumors that assured at the time that they had proposed to him to participate in the musical number that traditionally enlivens the rest of the sporting event and that millions of people around the world follow. Obviously, she rejected the offer and did it because she was too lazy to make the sacrifice of preparing herself on a physical level – especially with the Christmas period just around the corner – for such a short performance.

“Let’s see, deep down the point is that you have very little time, twelve minutes or so, from start to finish,” he recalled. “I would have only given myself time to go out, sing ‘Shake Your Body’, and walk away. It was his time; what’s more, I didn’t want to go on a diet in December.”Gloria explained as she passed through the program Andy Cohen.

On the other hand, Estefan is not sure how JLo would have reacted if she had had to share the limelight even more. the diva of the bronx made it very clear in his documentary to Netflix -who recorded around the event- that it did not seem like a good idea that there were two guest artists instead of one, because it was neither necessary nor fair. “I have been dreaming of this opportunity for years and preparing myself,” she lamented.

Gloria agrees with her and considers that Shakira was only included because the Super Bowl wanted to organize a kind of “Latin extravaganza”., but in any case, he would never risk infuriating Jennifer. “Imagine what he would have said when he found out that I was going to be the third protagonist,” she joked.

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