Gloria Trevi and the song she dedicated to Caro Quintero

AmericanPost.Newsreported the capture of Rafael Caro Quintero in the middle of an operation led by the Secretary of the Navy, so today the drug lord is on everyone’s lips, and today we will remember when Gloria Trevi wrote him a song

From his encounters with Brush either Carmen Salinas even alleged sentimental relationships everyone talks about Dear Quintero.

The character has been so famous for his crimes that it is not uncommon to know that music was even dedicated to him, but few know that the Monterrey Gloria Trevi also sang a song for him.

This is how Gloria Trevi sang to Caro Quintero

After what Caro Quintero was arrested in 1985 and be accused of the murder of the DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarenasome members of the entertainment world demanded justice for all the crimes that the drug lord had committed.

One of those people was Gloria Trevi who in an interview for the program Chaputelpec18 who was driving Joaquin Lopez Doriga, dedicated a song to him.

“How does it feel to have a mansion at the expense of so many people’s pain? / What does it feel like to have a heart that poisons souls and minds?

The singer sings acapella in front of the camera while gesturing, in addition to adding in another part of the song.

“Expensive, you’re going to pay dearly / I’m telling you, partner, there are crimes that are worse than those for money.”

The moment was relived in Youtube for an account in which the moment in which the interpreter dedicates this song to him is seen It never came out officially.

Currently Gloria Trevi continues with his artistic career in which he continues to reap successes, such as the concert in Playa del Carmen where he got a full house.

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What crimes did Caro Quintero commit?

The drug trafficker was an important part of the Guadalajara Cartel, beside Miguel Angel Felix Gallardoboth managed to unify all the drug cartels into one and became one of the most influential drug traffickers in the world before the arrival of Pablo Escobar.

It was estimated that facted five billion dollars for the sale and transportation of drugs from South America, including the urban legends around Caro Quintero claim that he offered to pay the external debt of Mexico for 80 billion dollars in exchange for not being caught.

The most well-known crime of the drug trafficker is the murder of the agent of the DEA Enrique “Kiki” Camarenawhich is why the government of The US put pressure on Mexico to stop him.

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