Gloria Trevi responds to the accusation of alleged money laundering and tax evasion with a video on TikTok

Gloria Trevi He responded to the allegation of alleged money laundering and tax evasion in a video uploaded to his official TikTok account.

Now they say that you and your husband evaded taxes …“Was the question that appeared in a question challenge shared by her.

Never! I am a source of work“Reads the clip, also posted on Instagram.

Trevi responded only to issues related to the legal problems he has faced, the first being the accusation made of him for kidnapping, equal rape and corruption of minors in the case of Karina Yapor, and for which she was deprived of her liberty for four years, eight months and eight days.

Did you serve time in jail?“, The singer-songwriter is questioned in the TikTok video.

NO, unfairly I was 4 years in process. I left ABSOLUTE“, said.

Another issue was the arrest of her mother, Gloria Ruiz Arredondo, she was accused in 1994 of the alleged crime of tax evasion, and for which she was arrested in 2010 and also remained deprived of her freedom.

Was your mother also in jail for tax evasion?“Was the question to Trevi.

Unfairly. 10 months and went free“.

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